Yay and Nay Sunday – purminerals Cinderella Palette

Happy Sunday!

Today is less of a full review but more of a first impression on the purminerals palette inspired by Disney’s film Cinderella.


If you know me, you know that I LOVE Disney 🙂 So when I saw this, I had to get it. The price point of this palette is very decent, $29 USD. This is for sure an all-in-one palette that is small enough that it could be travel friendly.

Inspired by the Disney film Cinderella, enjoy this makeup collection for eyes, lips and cheeks that will transform your look into something truly magical. The fantastical makeup wardrobe includes 4 blushes, 6 eye shadows and 6 lipsticks to create unlimited looks for day until the stroke of midnight.




The packaging is just beautiful. It is make of cardboard and has lovely details of Cinderella, a nice pop up mirror depicted as the carriage and the butterfly from her glass slippers in the movie is found on the top of the palette. It is super cute and will look great in my new beauty room.


The shadows are of a beautiful girly array of colours, pinks and purple with a nice brown. The names are of course, Cinderella appropriate and super cute. They aren’t the most pigmented shadows but they do deliver some punch when built up.


Top to bottom: Tempt, Breathless, Elegant, Entice, Enthrall and Dazzle

They describe the palette as having 4 blushes, but I say 2 blushes, 1 bronzer and 1 hightlight. The Dream blush is super pretty and girly, the other Fairy Tale is not very dark but could be very soft on the cheeks.



The highlighter, Illusion, is nice but a little chunky, to apply with a light hand. The bronzer could be a little orange for my skin tone, but it swatched very nicely.



Then, there is a drawer that holds 6 lip colours. I am not usually a huge fan of cream palettes like this and really expected them to be not pigmented and smell like cheap makeup… well not true! As you can see in the pictures below, they are very creamy and pigmented.


Enchant, Lure and Imagine
Spellbound, Charm and Fantasy

I tried to remove the swatches with soap and water and well, see the residue! They were not easy to remove, that is good so that they don’t wash away super fast because you are surely not carrying the whole palette with you in your purse to touch up your lipstick.


All-in-all, this is a pretty cute palette. The price is right, and if you love the Disney theme, then this is a super cute addition to your collection. The quality is not the best and most pigmented but it is for sure not the worst quality I have ever tried. I think for the price, you get the quality you would expect. But let’s be honest, this may be more of a display piece for me in my beauty room then a staple in my beauty routine.


I swatched the eyeshadows using a coloured primer and it did make a difference!



7 thoughts on “Yay and Nay Sunday – purminerals Cinderella Palette

  1. My sister loves Cinderella, and she likes purples, so I think I just found her Christmas gift 😀 The shadows are a little dissapointing though, but it doesn’t look like you swatched the shadows over primer, I wonder if the pigment would be better over primer?


    1. I didn’t over primer. But I just tried it and it made a big difference. I used a tinted primer and I can see with the colour Dazzle especially, I can see it now much better as a subtle duo chrome kind of colour. I’ll post the pic in a few mins at the end of the post


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