The $10 Weekly – Expert Last Lipstick


I haven’t had much luck with NYC in the past. I’ve been noticing that Demi Lovato has signed on to be their new spokes person and a lot of the products from NYC that I’m used ot seeing have “new” stickers on them. I’m guessing that they went back to the drawing board on some of their products, updating colours and *hopefully* improving their formula. When I happened by a promo for NYC products at my local Walmart I thought I’d give this super wallet friendly brand another shot. Afterall, we all deserve a second chance in life 🙂

I found NYC’s Expert Last Lipstick 2 for $3 and their HD Color Eye Shadow Trio 2 for $5. This totals $8 before tax! I like that price 🙂 I’d like to take a little more time with the trios however I immediately wanted to play with the lipsticks! I quite like both the shades that I picked up, Sugar Plum and Berry Me.

418 Sugar Plum
442 Berry Me
Me trying them on and comparing them. I really like both shades!

I originally intended on talking about what I suspected was a reformulated product but then I noticed on their something on their website… They had some pretty steep claims!

  • Wears up to 6 hours
  • Long lasting shine
  • Amplified color
  • Velvety and glamorous finish
  • Doesn’t feather or bleed

All of that for only $1.99 full priced and I paid $1.50 each!! Wowza! My initial response was… CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

3:09 – lipstick applied in shade Sugar Plum

3:10 – takes photos


3:20 – has cracker and cheese whilst typing this…

3:42 – lips feel slightly dry, must resist urge to lick them

4:10 – fading but still visible



5:07 – significant fading


6:30 – just ate dinner, it’s pretty much all gone


6:56 – I’m watching TV now and in for the night, no lipstick present


I forgot to take a photo for the 8 o’clock hour 😦

9:01 – All gone!


Pictures don’t lie! I’d give this lipstick 1-2 hours before I’d reapply. I did eat and have a snack with a glass of water. I think that’s a reasonable expectation over 6 hours. For $1.50 I’m not let down. You pay for what you get and the lipstick is pretty! It just isn’t long lasting like it claims to be.

On a previous post I wrote recently about Essence Lipsticks a commenter mentioned that NYC lipsticks also smell plastic-y and gross. I had a good laugh at the exchange then immediately huffed this lipstick. It smells sweet like candy not plastic. It seems as though NYC added a perfume as part of their new formula which is a nice improvement.

So there you have it! Normally I would have reapplied somewhere near the 5PM mark because I think it’s starting to look bad around that time. For the $1.50, the lipstick is nice but this is not a miracle formula for bargain bin prices. If long lasting lipstick is important to you, this is not for you! I personally won’t repurchase any of these lipsticks. Mainly because I find that they fade unevenly and look really bad when they fade away. They sort of lined my lips. Better quality lipsticks fade more evenly so when they aren’t as present on your lips they don’t look ridiculous. I also noticed that the formula was drying. Between Essence and NYC I think Essence is a nicer lipstick even though it doesn’t smell as sweet as the NYC lipstick.


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