The 10 Weekly – Coastal Scents 28 Neutral Palette (I think??)


One day I happened on the Coastal Scents Nude 28 palette on Amazon and it appeared to be on sale! It was $10.48, down from $18.95! Now, $18.95 in Canada would have been a decent price since the dollar isn’t doing so well and other retailers that carry Coastal Scents are selling it for $20.99. AND the best part of this Amazon steal – free shipping!!! Needless to say it found it’s way in to my cart and arrived at my door a few weeks later.

It took a few weeks to find it’s way to my house because it shipped from China. When it finally showed up I was happy to find it completely undamaged! I immediately noticed that it was really cheap and flimsy looking. The black backing that holds all the little pans feels like the same inserts you’d get in a box of chocolate. If I pressed hard enough it’d break. There was no branding on it at all. No bar codes, colour names, or logos. Nothing to identify what it was so I started to wonder if I made a mistake and if this was even a Coastal Scents palette at all! I retraced my steps…

The packaging for shipping says “Coastal Scents.” It didn’t say it on the top of the box.


My Amazon account says I ordered “Coastal Scents.”

Coastal Scents

So I looked on Coastal Scents website to see what their packaging looks like and found that the way the 28 Neutral Palette depicted on their website has a logo on the top of the lid or possibly the box in a promotional video that they had for it on their website: here. My palette does not.

No Logo

I assume that I got an actual Coastal Scents palette… but I’m not 100% sure!

The palette features 28 neutral shadows, hence the name “Coastal Scents 28 neutral palette!”


Right away I was immediately let down by the colours. Many of them looked very similar to each other. For example, there’s about 6 cream coloured shades that go from near white to creamy yellow toned. When I swatch them and play with them on the lid I find that they look very similar and all serve the same purpose. I’d have preferred 2 cream shades, 1 matte and 1 satin… and possibly a third metallic finish then the remaining shadows could be a different neutral shade.

The bottom 3 look white and to me, look all the same. The top 4 are cream (can you see them?) and look very similar to me. All the finishes appear the same to my eyes.

The mid toned shades look very similar as well. They’re all brown or peach. I like both those colours but for a palette that has 28 shades in it a little variety couldn’t hurt…

Random sampling of more mid toned shades in this palette.

I also found that there was only 2 good contrast shades, 4 at best.

The burgundy and the black make good contrast shades, the other 2 are rather mid toned but there’s not much else to choose from 😦

When I tried to play with the palette I couldn’t really get much out of the lighter-mid toned shades. It was hardly visible and I was picking colours from the darker browns and peaches.


At the end of the day when I came home there was considerable fading even with use of a primer. Over all I wasn’t satisfied with this palette. Some of the darker shades hold up better but it’s too hit and miss. I was expecting a little more from Coastal Scents (assuming this is actually Coastal Scents). On line I’ve read rave reviews of their products but based on this experience, I’m not sure I’d bother looking in to much else.




2 thoughts on “The 10 Weekly – Coastal Scents 28 Neutral Palette (I think??)

  1. Urgh, that has have no pigmentation! I tend to avoid those types of palettes. Which is why I ignored morphe for the longest while but I brought the 35o and the pigmentation is great! I haven’t used it yet though. But those types of palettes tend to be made by the same manufacturers. So even though it ,may not be CS it might be the same quality? But to be fair I think I saw swatches of these already, from CS and they seemed more pigmented *shrugs* thanks for the review!


    1. I honestly don’t know what to think! It’s clearly a little questionable on who the actual company is but I agree that it could be the same manufacturer. I’m a little surprised because I own a small trio from BH cosmetics which is comparable to Coastal Scents and the pigmentation was great! At the moment I’m a little turned off of both of them based on this experience however I’m all ears about Morphe!!! I ephedra Jacqueline Hill’s palette that she did with them was worth it.


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