Purging Beauty Products That Just Didn’t Make the Cut in to my Collection!

Bye Bye crappy "cream" shadows!
Bye Bye crappy “cream” shadows!

I regularly throw out old makeup or makeup that I can’t give away for whatever reason. I’ve been hanging on to a few items with the intention of trying them to review and just haven’t got around to it. This is largely because upon first use I didn’t care for the product and never wanted to go back to it. Here’s a little round up of those products and what put me off immediately about them. Hopefully this is helpful!


This is the Essence Liquid Liner and the Wet’n’Wild Liquid Liner. The original plan was to compare them. Problem. I don’t like the tip. It’s too thick to get a fine line. It’s just not my style so I never went through with the review. Here’s the point:



Another one that I couldn’t really review because it wasn’t my style is this Annabelle Twist Up:



The colour washes me out so badly that I refuse to wear it out of the house. It has potential though!

Lorac Eyeshadow Primer was free with my Lorac Unzipped Palette.



As a primer it does the job however it’s insanely drying! It makes my eyelids itch… so yeah, this is going in the garbage. For what it’s worth, I’m not the only one who has that complaint. I don’t know anyone who has it that actually likes it.

These little E.L.F. Duos… They came from a Christmas set. I was so excited because they were dirt cheap and my local grocery store wasn’t carrying E.L.F. regularly.



This was my window in to this beloved dollar store brand. Sadly they are glitter bombs and generally quite uninteresting. I wrote about them here oh so long ago here but I hadn’t tried them at the time. I just swatched them. The swatched so poorly that I hardly did more than play with them.

Around the same time that I got the E.L.F. duos I picked up a holiday set by Physicians Formula which included their Nude Shimmer Strips eyeshadow. I didn’t like it and wrote about it here.



Well, I’ve since gone back and used it off and on with very little success. I dislike the packaging and find the performance on the lid to be poor compared to how nicely the shadows swatch. This cult fave is just not for me.

And lastly another garbage offering from Physicians Formula. The youtuber Tati LOVED these. She raved about them! I scored them on clearance but never wrote about them because I thought they were just a Christmas limited edition thing… Since I see this trio for sale on Physicians Formula regular stock display I really wanted to add them in here.

I’ve long thrown out the packaging. These guys are cream shadows.

Tati described them as creamy, high quality and gorgeous. I found them to be hard. I had to dig down to get product and they did not go on the lid smoothly. The glitter would fall all over my face gradually through out the day and they creased very rapidly.



And with that! I’m done! These products didn’t do it for me for various reasons but there wasn’t enough to say about them to write a whole post. I hope you enjoyed my little round up of my makeup purging!




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