The $10 Weekly – Essence Lipstick and Lip Liner


The Essence Lip Stick and Eye Liner combined were $6.48! What a great price!! The lip stick is in the shade “06 Barely There” for $3.49 and the lip liner is “06 Satin Mauve” for $2.99. I had previously reported that I did not like Essence lip sticks. That’s because I picked up one from the line called “Sheer Shiny Lipstick” without realizing it. My complaint was that it basically performed like a lip gloss without the benefits of a gloss… and well, was tween-like. When I realized my error I thought I’d give them another shot with the correct line of lip sticks – the Essence Longlasting Lipstick line!


The lip liner is very soft and creamy. It went on no problem. Sometimes I find lip liner dry and they pull at my lips but not this one! I was actually impressed and I will likely keep trying this out with other lippie combos 🙂 I have to confess that I rarely use lip liners and so I don’t know exactly what to say about it other than when I noticed my lipstick faded, the lip liner was also fading.


The colour and pigmentation on the lip liner and the lip stick were pretty good. You can see them swatch together above. I think that for the drugstore category of makeup the pigmentation is what I would expect. It’s no Bite Beauty but then again, it’s a tenth of the price!


The lipstick itself is very smooth and creamy. It goes on easily and isn’t messy at all. I didn’t have to fight with bleeding or feathering around my lips, likely due to the lip liner. I felt that the application and texture of the Essence lipstick was better than I expected for $3.49! It was very easy to use which sounds like an odd thing to say about lipstick but sometimes I find that I can get it all over my face or it will sit in my cupids bow. No problems like that for this one!

I will say that it doesn’t smell great. It has a vague aroma of cheap, plasticy lipstick. I don’t notice it on my lips but if you hold it up and smell it you will notice it.


On my lips it looked very nice and natural. That’s because of the shade choice, “Barely There.” I enjoyed the satin finish. It was a nice “your lip but better” kind of look. If I wasn’t drinking coffee or anything I could about 3 hours wear out of it. I think the claim of being long-lasting is only in terms of compared to their other lip products. I didn’t notice anything special about the length of wear. I admit that it could be my colour selection – natural colours tend to just fade away.

Considering that you only pay a couple of dollars for it, it doesn’t bother me that you only get a few hours wear out of it. When it fades, it fades evenly so you don’t look ridiculous with half lipstick half not! I’d be curious about the darker colours, if anyone else has tried them you should let me know!



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