*New* Annabelle Smokey Nudes Palette – A Review


When I saw this previewed on Instagram I knew I had to have it! This little palette is part of Annabelle’s Fall 2015 line and as far as I’m aware, this is their first offering of a palette in this format. I’m really excited for Annabelle to dabble in affordable palettes because I do genuinely like the brand but I’ve historically found their eyeshadow selection limited. I’m hoping that this will be the first of many palettes offered by Annabelle! I picked this guy up at Shoppers Drugmart. The introductory price is $14.99 but I’m sure there will be sales in the future 🙂


The claims: From their website: “Can’t get enough of the nude trend? We can’t either! This palette is the ultimate in versatility thanks to its minimalist and ultrafresh shades. With its mix of warm, cool, dark and light, you can create the perfect look for your skintone. Keep it simple with an “I’m not really trying” by day, or go with an intense smoky eye by night. Go ahead and play!” http://www.annabelle.com/en_ca/eyes/eyeshadows/smokey-nudes-eyeshadow-palette

To me it sounds like their going for your basic, classic go-to palette. Something along the lines of the Urban Decay Naked. They absolutely need an offering like that in their line. Based on the colour selection, I’d say that they’re getting there!



The Packaging: This palette reminds me a lot of the Maybelline Nudes Palette (which FYI can frequently be found on sale for $9.99, regular price is around $16.99). It has a similar feel plastic with a clear lid. No mirror. It includes a double ended applicator that has a brush on one side and a sponge on the other. Similarly to the Maybelline Nudes palette, Annabelle included a look guide on the back. Be a little careful when you look at the guide, the colours don’t correspond to numbers in an intuitive way! It took me a few tries to read it right.



First Impression: I immediately tore this bad boy open and swatched it! I think that as far as quality goes, the Annabelle Smokey Nudes palette is slightly better but still comparable to the Maybelline Nudes. There are a few shades in the Annabelle palette that don’t swatch on my skin because they are close to my skin tone but over all they look nice and feel buttery. They do lack in pigmentation but for the drugstore category of makeup, it’s not bad and definitely workable.


Once I started playing with the palette and making looks I immediately thought of another brand – Pixi! If you missed the boat on Pixi when they were here oh-so-briefly with Target, check out this little Annabelle palette! I would describe the looks I managed to get with this palette similar to the Pixi palette in that they both have an ethereal finish. Very silky look on the lids. I actually quite like it.

I was surprised with how well the shadows worked on the lid. They hit all the notes that you want; buttery texture, blendable and buildable pigmentation. (I used my Urban Decay Primer Potion.) The shades numbered 8 & 10 don’t really show up in my swatches but as brow bone highlights they certainly did the job! The darker shades did a good job of providing accent but I never tried to smoke out my eyes, I’m not really in to that so I can’t give a fair review using it that way. I did play with the black shade as a bit of an eyeliner and found it helped to define but it won’t get to a jet black liner.



When I’d get back home from work I’d check on my eyeshadow and it still looked nice! At the end of the night I was washing off quite a lot too so I would say you can easily get a work days wear and then some out of this eyeshadow. Overall I think this is a good little palette from Annabelle. It’d make a nice addition to anyone’s collection – especially since it’s Canadian! The price is fair when you consider the quality of the product that you get. I’d tell fans of Pixi that if you’re sad you can’t get Pixi shadows in Canada, try this palette from Annabelle!



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