Fall 2015 Make-up Trends How-Tos – Matte Face

Last week I talked about the 90s make-up trends that are making their comeback on the runways this fall (click here to read). Since I started loving make-up in the 90s I thought it would be fun to recreate these runway looks and tell you about what products I think are the best to create them. I have to say that I’m lucky that I’ve amassed a ton of samples from Sephora, drug store, and other make- up purchases so I’m actually going to (gasp) go out of my comfort zone and try something new!

The first trend I want to look at is the Matte Face that’s been gracing the runways, A matte face is an evenly corrected, poreless-looking skin and it presents the ultimate blank canvas. A matte foundation can look professional, gothic or clean cut. Which is probably why so many designers employed it to compliment the different designers’ interpretation of fall looks. To create a good and lasting matte face you have to apply foundation, concealer and mattifying powder.

One brand that I’ve been itching to try out foundation wise is Benefit. This brand was designed by former models so they have to know what they’re talking about right? Like any decent how-tos I’m decorated this one with pictures. They are not flattering since I am fresh out of the shower (hence the towel on my head) and I was scrambling to get the pictures taken before my infant daughter started to fuss but I think they are an honest portrayal of what Benefit products can do and you can see my matte face emerge with each step.

  1. First I started by washing and exfoliating my face. Exfoliation is key if you’re going to get that cherished ‘brushed velvet’ look to your matte face. Dead skin or flaky skin is your enemy to mask-like perfection

    Just out of the shower - face is exfoliated and ready for step 2
    Just out of the shower – face is exfoliated and ready for step 2
  2. Next I started with The POREfessional Face Primer. This product promises to “quickly minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines and help makeup stay put”. I must say that it delivers. It’s thicker than the primers that I normally prefer but I felt that was a good thing since it made my skin feel smoother instantly and helped to cut down on shine. (wonky editing because I got my messy closet in the photo … no one needs to see that LOL!)
    Primer Step
    Primer Step – Shine has fanished and skin has a pleasantly smooth coating for the liquid foundation to adhere to

    3. Then we have the liquid foundation Hello Flawless’ Oxygen Wow Liquid Foundation SPF 25 in ‘I’m Pure for Sure’ Ivory. This oil free, natural-finish foundation is buildable and has the bonus benefits of SPF 25 and hydrating benefits. It applies like a dream and compliments the primer well. I also found that the formula offered a ‘plumping’ effect that really helped conceal any fine line or blemishes on my face and it totally cut out any rosy undertones I was harboring.

    foundation step
    Foundation step

    4. Benefit’s Boi-ing Industrial Strength Full Coverage Concealer in Light is what I would consider ABSOLUTELY necessary for the matte finish look.. I recommend applying this concealer with an eyeshadow or concealer brush and use it to create a face of even tone and dimension. What I love best about this concealer is that it’s thick but it doesn’t crease! Even under tired eyes! I must have about three layers on in this picture and I never had to worry about blending it again.

    Concealer Step
    Concealer Step

    5. The last step to ‘seal in’ a matte face finish is the powder. I opted to use Benefit’s POREfessional Agent Zero Shine. This super lightweight powder is gorgeous! It’s like applying brushed air to your face and the mattifying effects last all day – even in the brutal humidity Ottawa is having right now.

    Powder Step
    Powder Step

    In conclusion, if you want to jump on board the matte face trend or if you just want to cut down on shine I highly recommend these Benefit products. They feel great on and they work extremely well! I posted the unfiltered pics to prove it!

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