The $10 Weekly – Tivoli Nail Polish Remover Pads


I picked this up for $1.25 from the Dollar Tree. The cute little packaging makes me think that this is something that I could toss in to my purse when I’m on the road. I rarely do my nails when I travel because I don’t want to carry nail polish remover, if this stuff pans out it could change everything. EVERYTHING!

Smaller than a lip gloss!

The idea with these nail polish remover sheets is that you can use one sheet, that is already saturated with nail polish remover, to take off your nail polish. This is great for travel because it’s compact and not a liquid (kind of like facial wipes vs cleanser).



My initial impression was that the individual sheets provided were rather thin. It didn’t seem to be too much of an issue when I was using them though! The sweet strawberry smell wasn’t over powering and was a little more welcome than pure chemical aroma 🙂

I first tried them with Julep’s “Lois” and struggled a little bit to remove my polish. I found that I needed to really rub my nails in order to remove the polish. In the end I was successfully able to do so but it had me worried that the nail polish removers weren’t up to the task for a thicker polish or darker colour.

I tried them out again with my Sally Hanson nail polish in “pardon My Garden.” It’s a thick gel polish and frankly I was prepared for this dollar store polish remover to fail.


As you can – SUCCESS!

Used up 3 :)
Used up 3 🙂

I think I’ve turned around on this product. I would feel confident tossing them in my travel bag to remove most nail polishes. I’d likely steer clear of dark nail polish since I always find it tricky to remove anyway. That being said, this $1.25 companion has made it’s way in to my travel stash 🙂




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