The $10 Weekly – E.L.F. Blush Palette


This blush palette from E.L.F. is $8 at Loblaws! That’s an amazing price! It has 4 shades, 3 are blushes and one may or may not be a bronzer. When I saw this palette and it’s compact size I immediately thought that it’d be great for travel so I brought it with me on a week long business trip to test it out. I picked up the shade ‘light.’

The packaging is a hard black case with a large mirror. It’s definitely travel friendly in that it’s small but gives you a variety of blushes and the case is sturdy enough to protect the product inside.

The blushes pop out making me think that if you had the other shade in this palette you could do a little customization! The product did not pop out on their own will in my bag or anything like that. I found the packaging to be good quality.




As mentioned there are 4 shades in this palette, all unnamed. There are 3 blushes, 2 matte and one with some gold flecks in it. There is an orangier shade of blush, a rose shade and a light pink shade. The 3 blushes are nice, typical blush shades but I did not care for the bronzer at all. The pigmentation is pretty good and enjoyed pairing the pink with either of the other 2 blushes because lately I’ve been doing that! It makes me feel like I’m using more of my products…

On the cheeks!

For some reason I’m not overly impressed with this palette. I didn’t really notice that it was long lasting, even when my foundation was in place still. I didn’t like the bronzer at all! It just didn’t work with my skin tone, it looked too orange. If I’m being honest I have to admit that I have a hard time making blush last so this might not be a problem with the product so much as my weird face. In the end though my heart just doesn’t love this. I’m never excited to reach for it. I will keep it in with my travel makeup though. It’s fantastic for that.



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