Nat’s July 2015 Favourites

real Techniques Expert Face Brush

I have had this brush for a while now, but have now just rediscovered it. It used to sit in my collection, just waiting and begging to be used, until one day, it had its time to shine! The reason it was sitting there, is that I had tried to use it for liquid foundation and it didn’t work for me. It left streaks and did not look good. But, on a daily basis I like to use the Kat Von D Lock-it Tattoo Powder Foundation because it is quick and does a good job for my everyday at work look. I was using the sponge applicator that came with it until I got sick of it and reached for this brush. It is perfect. It is nice and dense, good for buffing and applying the product evenly and as opaque as it should be. I don’t find that it thins out the product. So now I only apply the powder foundation with this brush! I am happy because it is a drugstore brush sold for only $9 USD and also affordable in Canada.

expert face brush

bareMinerals Work, Weekend, Wow eyeshadow Palette.

If you have been following this blog or my Instagram (@nat_3canadianbeauties) then this will come at no surprise to you. I am obsessed with this palette! I’ve worn it so much this month, why? Because its versitile, I can create a quick daytime work look and it’s easily stored because its small and compact. If you want a more detailed review, please see my post here!




Burt’s Bees Herbal Blemish Stick with tea tree leaf oil

This is great for those zits that pop up one in a while, it’s an zit killer!! Missy and Sheena recommended tea tree oil to me because zits were a new thing for me. I never had zits, I have been lucky, I know. But now that I am not 15 years-old anymore, my hormones are changing, and I think zits are now part of the game… 😦

So I needed a easy way to get rid of zits and the tea tree oil from burt’s bees has been working for me. Love Burt’s Bees!!

 Pink Lips!!

Stila Color Balm Lipstick in Gabrielle and essence Mini Lipgloss 

Pink lips is not something I used to like, except for this summer. I am not sure why, but I wanted to get pink stuff, I guess it started last month and this month I have been wearing them a lot, especially these two, one super cheap and one at $25, lol.

The Stila Color Balm Lipstick in Gabrielle is one of the first things I bought from Stila and I haven’t worn it in a while, because I didn’t wear pink. But now I am in love with it and I just love how it looks, feels on my lips and makes them feel moisturized and fresh because of the peppermint oil.

As far as the essence mini lipgloss, I just love how small and easy to apply it is. I can carry it around with me in my pocket at work and apply a fresh coat between meetings. Because it is so small it doesn’t make a bump in the pocket that can show. I love how it feels on the lips and the colour is just enough to add a bit of shade and shine on my lips.


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