New at the Drugstore + Haul!

Hey Guys!

So I hadn’t gone to Wal-Mart in weeks and decided to go cause we needed coffee at work! Mama needs her coffee and we only buy the best, McDo coffee (the biggest tubs we can find) and it’s really really good in Canada. Anyway, enough about my coffee rant… maybe I had too much this morning… Excuse me while I go jump off the walls.

And now I’m back, OK…

When I walked into the beauty department at Wal-Mart, I was happy to see some new items! There is nothing more exciting :), well, for a beauty blogger that is lol.

Here is my Haul and also a look at other items that are new but didn’t purchase … this time!

Rimmel London came out with their NEW Lasting Finish Nude Collection By Kate Moss.
We already know and love the Lasting Mattes (red tubes) and Lasting (black tubes) lipsticks and now we have the Nude collection (beige/light pink tubes). I was very excited to see these! They come in 4 colours, #40, 42, 43, 45. All nudes with different hints of undertones (beige, brown, pink mauve). I picked up two colours, #42 and #45.

They also had the New Kate Conditioning lip balm, clear in colour of course that they suggest to wear alone or under the Lasting Finish Nude collection to keep lips moisturized for 8 hours.

Look for reviews of these coming soon!

I got a few Hard Candy things. Pretty pretty things.

I picked up 3 of their single eyeshadows. These aren’t new but I was able to swatch one and loved it, so I got three.

I also go these highlighter duos. They are just too cute! Looks like they took a page from Too Faced’s book and make heart shaped things in a box. Hard Candy does that, they mimic popular brands’ packaging.

They also had this new palette that looked super cute for $6.98. I didn’t get it but I must admit that I did stare at it for a while.

I also saw that NYC had some new Lipstick colours and new mattes! I like their lipsticks but they were always too frosty for me so I was happy to see colours in the matte range! I picked up one in XYZ They were 2 for $3 or 1 for $1.77 (I have no idea why I didn’t get 2…).

Finally, I went to the Wet n’ Wild section and saw that they had the new Coverall Concealer wheel and the Mega Glow XYZ Powder in 3 shades.  When I got home, I swatched the concealer wheel and 1st impressions aren’t good… but I will test it out! I haven’t touched the powder yet but they look nice. I got the lightest colour; they had 2 pinkish shades and the other one was a straight up bronze colour.


I also got another of their lipsticks in 903C Just Peachy, just because I like this formula and the colour was so nice.

Hope you enjoyed this haul and let me know what you have purchased recently at the drug store that is new or if you have tried any of the items above.


5 thoughts on “New at the Drugstore + Haul!

  1. I saw those Hard Candy highlighter duo’s and I was mad tempted! I stared at them for a good 5 minutes I think haha. But I just don’t need any new highlighters in my life right now ….
    How are the Rimmel lipsticks?! I forgot about those! I wanted to get some.


    1. Lol that made me laugh Miki. I would tell you to skip the hard candy highlighters… I’m still testing them out but so far, I’m not super impressed. Id go for the new L’Oréal ones but they are way more expensive. Depends if your on a budget. I’ll post a review once I have tested them out.

      For the Rimmel Lipsticks, I like them! I have a review coming next week!


    1. Hi Meep380, the colours are for concealing and correcting blemishes, redness, etc. on the skin. you apply it on the skin usually the opposite colour on thecolour wheeel. For this coverall palette, here are the colours described: Green: To counteract redness. Ideal to conceal scars or blemishes. Also useful to hide minor localized imperfections, such as pimples and redness.
      Lilac: To brighten the complexion. Adds a touch of light to dull and tired skin. Yellow: To hide blue veins and dark circles, bruises
      White: brightens any colour and highlights
      this one is not the best cover palette on the market but a good to start playing with colour correcting. hope this helps

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