The $10 Weekly – Kozmic Colours Eyeshadow Palettes (from Dollarama)


Once I decided to test out some Dollar Store products I dragged Nat to the Dollaram and Dollar Tree with me. Sometimes different locations have different products. The Dollarama near her place carried a line call “Kozmic Colours” which was not available at the Dollarama that I frequent. These pallets were $3 each and have 22 colours! Wow! That’s a lot of shadow for your dollar bill y’all!

Problem. I refused to try them.

In the package they look nice. The packaging is sturdy and clean.


But I happened to become suspicious when I saw all the Frenglish…


And I couldn’t help but be scared away when I read this:


“Caution: Keep out of reach of children (okay, fair enough). Do not use or store near heat or flame (ummm how much heat? It’s hot outside…) Use in a well ventilated area (WTF???!! What is in this eyeshadow!!??)”

When I saw that warning I had a good laugh with Nat and my husband! We opened them all up and smelled them. They do kind of stink. They smell like Halloween Makeup. I was worried about the smell and the warnings but I boldly carried on, swatching like a good blogger.

IMG_0956 IMG_0955



















As I swatched the odour bothered me. I’m rather sensitive to that kind of thing. I was starting to worry that wearing an eyeshadow with a strong smell would cause a migraine for me (scents can cause migraines for me, many people are that way I’m sure). I was also still concerned about the warning label so I checked all the makeup packaging that I had on hand. Most products don’t actually have warnings at all. Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette states on the box that the product is not edible but I can see why they felt the need to clarify that one 🙂 Even LA Girl – which I purchased the same day at Dollar Tree – only had a brief disclaimer that said “Keep away from small children. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.” The LA Girl warning is sort of what I would expect from a cosmetics company… not “Use in a well ventilated area.”

So I refused to put it on my face! What do you think? Am I complete baby? Has anyone tried this brand before? Can anyone explain the crazy warnings?




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