Gosh Eyebrow Gel – A Review


I grabbed the Gosh Defining Eyebrow Gel from Shoppers Drugmart for $15.99. I need a new brow gel that I can use on most natural days and is also cruelty-free. Gosh Cosmetics is a makeup brand from Denmark. I find that their products are quite different in texture and occasionally have really striking colour selections. I own a few of their eyeshadows and so I thought I’d try out their brow products.

Before I dive in to the review I want to clarify what I’m looking to get out of a brow gel. My average makeup day consists of pretty basic and nude makeup. I wear tinted moisturizer as foundation, mascara, blush, bronzer but no contouring and light eye makeup. For that reason I don’t typically go for an overly defined brow – when I want to define my brow I reach for my Annabelle Skinny Brow Pencil (review here). I have thick brows and so I find that on a basic makeup day a little brow gel such as Benefits Gimme Brow is all I need. Gimme Brow is $26 and Benefit is not considered cruelty-free despite what they claim so the hunt began for a replacement product.

The Gosh Defining Brow Gel comes in a short mascara like tube. It has a very usual looking mascara wand.


The product inside is more slippery or viscous than what I would describe a gel to be. It’s more like a brow tint than a gel. When I apply it on my eyebrows it coats my brows with colour and helps to make them more naturally defined by making them darker. This products lacks a way to build up your brows since it doesn’t have any fibres or anything to help fill them in. If your brows are patchy this likely won’t help you all that much. You’d still need a pencil to address those bare spots.


What I hope that you can see from the pic above is that the Gosh Defining Eyebrow Gel really just slightly tints my brows and helps keep them in place. As you can see (hopefully) it’s not very defined. To define your brows more you’d need a much thicker product.


This is me on an average day. Outside reading 🙂 I’m wearing the Gosh Brow Gel and nothing else on my brows. For my no-makeup-makeup look or typical natural looking day it works great. I don’t have issues with my brows being all cray-cray and the tint seems to last. The more subtle tint also helps give my brows that extra umph without making me look like I spent 30 minutes on my brows and 2 minutes on the rest of my face!

Overall I would recommend the Gosh Brow Gel to anyone who wears their makeup more like I do or someone who needs something for their brows on their no-makeup-makeup days. If you are super in to instagram brows then this might not be sufficient for you!


One thought on “Gosh Eyebrow Gel – A Review

  1. Guess what, I am a 53 yr old male and I got this in a gift bag at something, and I use it on my eyelashes. It makes them look like they did in my 30’s without looking like mascara. and if i rub my eye, or wake up in the a.m. it doesn’t leave black underneath my eyes, LOVE LOVE LOVE it for making my eyes look young(ER) again!

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