An Ode To Urban Decay Naked Palettes


It’s my birthday today (still in my ‘early’ thirties whoo!) and I got the original Naked Palette from thoughtful Nat. Since I’m such an Urban Decay fan girl I’m stoked that I’ve finally completed the Naked Series Triumvirate. And what a series! The Naked palettes are pricey at $64 CAD a pop but sooooo worth it. You can create so many looks from day to night and the double ended brush that is included is amaze-ballz!

Since it’s my birthday and I feel like I can do whatever I want I plan to honour the Urban Decay Naked Palette Series with a silly poem of my own devising. So read of if you feel like a chuckle!


An Ode To Urban Decay Naked Palettes

Urban Decay is beauty with an edge

To them, my loyalty I do pledge:

To honour my feminity, creativity, and sense of fun

with a rainbow of colours that do not run.

The best of them all are the Naked Palettes One through Three

Whom every make-up maven knows are a necessity!

All palettes include twelve beautiful long-wearing shadows

in a variety of textures from mattes, shimmers, darks, and mellows

The original Naked has shades that will work for everyone

The shadows are so potent – one swipe and you’re done!

The colours range from bronzes to blues,

It’s certainly fun to mix a few!

Naked 2 features taupe and grey-beige shades

They stay put on your eyes in sun and in  the shade.

This palette proves that neutral is anything but boring,

It’s the palette all the 3CB girls reach for on rushed mornings!

Naked 3 first stole my heart by having the perfect rosy hues

To match my bridesmaid dress for my friends; “I Do’s”

It ignited the obsession I have with this brand

So for now, and forever, I will be a UD fan!

The Naked Palette <3
The Naked Palette ❤

— Missy

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