Cargo Essential Lipgloss – Review

I love encouraging Canadian brands, cause you know, represent! And when they make good products, I want to show them so you can go get your butt to the store and grab that treasure eh!? lol. But in all seriousness, if it’s a good product, I want you to know, and like any other brand, they can have a bad product, and if they dot it is also good to know. Don’t spend your hard earned loonies on items that just don’t work, regardless of how great the brand overall is.

This is one of those reviews, where you want to encourage Canadian brands but unfortunately they just have this product that you don’t like. So you guessed it, I don’t like the Cargo Essential Lipgloss.

I got this mini size of the lipgloss in one of my ipsy bags. The full one retails for $16 and is about twice the size. I am usually excited about glosses and was excited to try this one. Normally this light colour isn’t my favourite, but I have had successes in the past, like with the NYX Butter Gloss in Éclair, so I was happy to try it.

Well, it was a bit of a disaster. The very first time I tried it, it was so patchy and though it got better the few times after that, you can still see the disaster in the pictures below. It does not go on evenly, the colour is all wrong and it requires way too many passes to make it look ready to wear.

First pass at applying this lipgloss.
You can see how patchy it is.

In the picture above, you can see the patchy! Now, this could be because of the light colour of this lipgloss. Some light colours tend to do that, whether its a lipstick or a gloss. But since I am reviewing this particular one, and this is what it looks like.

The look after I did some work (too much in my opinion).

I just wanted to show you what it looked liked after I put work into making it look acceptable, but you can still see that it is uneven and there seems to be a line in the center of my lower lip… so then, I said, ok rub your lips together to make it better.. yah that didn’t work.


Other little things that I can say is that, it does smell good, can’t take that away from it. There is one thing I hate in a gloss and that is when I just can’t stand the smell. The doe foot application was a little scratchy at the end and the gloss felt good on the lips. However the application of it… well, we already went through that lol.

At the end of the day, I don’t want to deal with a gloss that is so uneven that even if I apply it perfectly, the moment my lips touch each other, it gets patchy. No thanks.

For the price of $16, it is not worth it, there are better glosses out there. The NYX Butter Gloss in Éclair that I mentioned earlier is less than half the price and is better all around. Up to you to decide if you want to try a darker colour, maybe it will work great for you!



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