The $10 Weekly – Hard Candy Baked Blush Trio


The Hard Candy Baked Blush trio is available at Walmart for about $8.98. I picked it up hoping for it to be a dupe for a more expensive blush trio that I saw on youtube which is not available in Canada – I think it was Laura Geller. Anyway… that one sparked my interest, I couldn’t find it but then I stumbled on this!


The first thing I noticed was that like the baked ombre blush, it had a dry texture. I find that a lot of baked products are really dry and I personally dislike that!



I also noted that there was little colour pay off and that the pink shade and the highlight looked similar. It looks very sheer and nude on the skin.

The lighting made the shininess show up, which is what I wanted to show! But it’s not dark.

On the cheeks the colour isn’t very intense but I was able to create some definition (I hope you can tell from my awesome photo montage above!). Sadly, I don’t find it lasts all that long. The highlighter doesn’t seem to do much since it’s very similar in colour as the blush. The bronzer was actually quite a good colour for me! I was pleasantly surprised buy that since I usually find that the bronzer makes or breaks these types of products. For that reason, I think that this product would make more sense as a duo.

Overall I was hoping it’d be a little better, it’s not terrible but it’s not something that I see myself reaching for regularly.


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