The $10 Weekly – (M)Ariposa Blush Quad (from Dollarama)


Recently I got it in to my head that I was going to test out Dollar Store brands of makeup. In Canada we don’t appear to have the same assortment of Dollar Store brands as the US. In the States it seems to be (based on my hours of YouTube watching) a lot of LA Girl. I did manage to find some LA Girl at Dollar Tree but Dollarama carries a brand called “Ariposa.” So over the next several weeks (and the previous 2 as well) your humble hero has been putting unknown Dollar Store makeup on her face for the sake of this blog. Here’s the crazy thing: this blush quad is actually pretty darn decent!

I actually like the pattern, it’s pretty!

I dragged my feet on actually testing this because I was nervous about putting something that I expected to be actual crap on my face. I had intended on using 1 blush from the quad every day for my work week and that’s what I did. It’s summer time and it can get quite humid here. I also walk home every day about 30 minutes which tends to cause my makeup to melt away. Very few products survive my walk home in the summer but this blush did and it was totally unexpected!


Each blush in the quad is very pigmented. The texture is creamy and buttery. There is no kick up or fall out. It’s shocking… it shouldn’t be this way! I really expect it to fail. They applied very beautifully and like I said, lasted all day! There are 4 colours; a pale pink, a nude colour, a more vibrant pink and a coral toned blush. I actually liked each colour. The nude surprised me on how nice it was.


The packaging is huge! You get a large amount of product in each quad and I had zero issue with dipping my brush in there. There’s so much space! The packaging is a hard plastic with a clear lid similar to Wet’n’Wilds Color Icon Trios but bigger. I would definitely travel with it. The packaging is sturdy enough, you get 4 really lovely shades and the quality seems to be there!

IMG_1012 IMG_1009

So here’s the catch. Dollar Stores in Canada have a lot of things that aren’t truly $1. This blush quad ran me $2.50!! That’s half the price of even Wet’n’Wild! I’m also just going to take a guess and say that I’ve likely violated my cruelty free policy here. Still, to me this signals that the other Ariposa products that I purchased have a hope in hell of actually being decent!

In order to test this out I paid extra close attention to my blush the week before using this quad. I noted the different products that I wore and which ones seemed to last. My longest lasting blush tends to be Milani blushes, Tarte, and Lise Watier. Oddly enough I don’t get a lot of wear from ELF blushes even though so many people seem to have better luck with them than I do! I have to say that this crazy Ariposa Dollarama blushes lasted longer than my blush from Stila even.

Overall, even though I’m blown away that this blush performed so well I’m not 100% certain if I will keep reaching for it after this post. I’m going to make a point to remind myself on occasion but I still haven’t fully come around to trust this brand yet. I don’t know why. I will set it with my travel makeup because there is a good chance that I’d bring it with me on the road due to the form factor.


Note – Apparently this brand is called MARIPOSA!! Haha! Thanks for the comment Bond! I stand corrected 🙂 The butterfly symbol does not look like an “M” to me so I didn’t catch it at first.

6 thoughts on “The $10 Weekly – (M)Ariposa Blush Quad (from Dollarama)

  1. Great post! Very informative and thanks for the tips. I’ve never seen this brand before but it looks like it isn’t called “Ariposa” in fact it is Mariposa. Mariposa is butterfly in Spanish, hence the butterfly picture. You may want t change the name just in case people go looking for it.


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