Live Clean Body Lotion, Soap and Hand Soap


A while ago I wrote a post about the Live Clean Facial Wipes, here. I was really taken with Live Clean. Their product was excellent, the price was right, the brand is Canadian and eco-minded which is something that lately I’ve been taking more interest in. I also mentioned their shampoo & conditioner in one of my monthly favourites. I’ve since repurchased their shampoo & conditioner but switched to a slightly cheaper Pacifica brand facial wipe. Since I wrote about them a few times Live Clean’s PR company reached out to me and offered to send me new products. I’ve never done anything like that before but I felt pretty great that they liked my posts so I agreed to try out some new products if they so chose to drop them in the mail for me. Now as I mentioned, no one on 3 Canadian Beauties has ever accepted products before so I didn’t know what to expect. I wrote them back a big looooong email all about how this blog for us is a hobby and so I will fully write my 100% true opinion. I heard nothing back from them but several weeks later a box arrived at my door. It contained body wash, hand wash and body lotion. It’s up to you to decide if I’m being honest in the following review or not so here we go:

Live Clean sent me 3 products from their Coconut Milk line of products. They were a body wash, hand soap and lotion. I love love LOVE coconut milk in products! My skin seems to really adore it. All 3 products have a lovely yet mild scent of coconuts. It’s not over powering. Of course I have mixed opinions on some of the products but that’s largely to do with personal preference.

Body Lotion – This was my least favourite of the 3 products that they sent me. The texture is rather creamy and I personally prefer a body butter style lotion, especially for my legs. That being said if you prefer the more creamy style lotions this one wouldn’t disappoint! The ingredients include a lot of coconut milk which does feel very nice on the skin and leaves a great, summery aroma. Although to be truthful, I still prefer my Body Butters from the Body Shop.

Body Wash – Before I got in to this body wash I was using my beloved Shea Shower Cream from the Body Shop. I also used Dove soap near my sensitive areas… my lady bits. I have always used Dove Soap in my sensitive areas because I have sensitive skin and never trusted anything else there. I decided that since Dove is not biodegradable and it is not cruelty-free that it’s time I try something new… I’m happy to report that after using the Live Clean Coconut Milk Body Wash I have no issues in that neighbourhood. No dryness or redness due to irritation. The body wash over all reminds me a lot of the Body Shops Shower Creams so if you like those, you might enjoy this product as well!

Liquid Hand Soap – Normally I don’t care very much about hand soap in my bathroom. I just grab what’s on sale. For the past year my husband and I have been replacing household cleaning items gradually with more eco-friendly products. I was really excited that the hand soap landed at my door because we were just about out and this soap is made of 98% biodegradable ingredients and the ingredients come from sustainable sources. Once again, the coconut in it smells nice, it certainly does the job as far as cleaning your hands and I noticed that my hands are a little less dry compared to my “whatever’s on sales” soap.

Why I continued to repurchase Live Clean: Right up front I mentioned that Live Clean sent me this gift but I did re-buy their shampoo and conditioner before they sent me this gift. I also do genuinely like their facial wipes. I will continue to buy more Live Clean products in the future and here’s why:

  • They are cruelty-free
  • They use socially responsible ingredients
  • They are Canadian!!
  • I can buy them anywhere
  • They are affordable
  • I like them

I sincerely enjoy how I can feel good about buying from the Live Clean brand but I don’t have to drive all over town to speciality stores in order to enjoy earth friendly products AND I can afford them! Last year when my husband and I made the conscious choice to choose more earth friendly options we did so agreeing that we needed to be able to get them at the stores that we frequented, and that we wouldn’t pay a ridiculous price for them. As for what they sent me, I’d definitely re-buy the hand soap because it’s earth friendly, cruelty free and only around $6. I can also see myself repurchasing the body wash but I must confess that if I happened on a sale at the Body Shop I don’t think I could stop myself 🙂



4 thoughts on “Live Clean Body Lotion, Soap and Hand Soap

  1. I did not know that Live Clean was Canadian, very cool! I personally like to and buy Canadian products, to support our economy. So that just sold it for me haha. Well, and that they’re eco friendly. I’ve always liked Live Clean 🙂


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