Wantable Makeup Box – July 2015 Unboxing

I haven’t gotten Wantable as a subscription for a 5 months. Then, I forgot to skip June’s box and loved it again so I decided to get July. So here I am, showing you my July 2015 Wantable Makeup Box Unboxing! If you want details on what Wantable is, please see my previous post.

The first item that appears in the picture above is the Erin’s Faces Double Sided Eyeshadow Brush ($25 retail).

This Double-Sided Eyeshadow Brush is made with the softest synthetic cruelty-free Taklon fibers and will become a fast favorite! Use the larger side for all over shades or blending and the smaller for your crease/corner colors.

I love getting brushes and tools in my box, this brush is no exception. I am always up to trying new brushes! This brand is a first for me.

Doucce Luminous Eye Shadow #62 ($35 retail)

A versatile 3-color palette eye shadow that provides your eyes lustrous luminosity and the ultimate eye expression. Its Silky and smooth powders generate a pure color that won’t fade. Harmonious colors can be worn alone or together.

I was happy to see shadows! My favourite item to see in a box. A trio is fun! This is a nice blue with white palette. When I swatched the shadows felt soft, buttery but also a little thick, so I am curious how they perform. I have never seen or heard of the Doucce brand, so this will be fun!

Ofra Lipstick in Berry Sexy ($13.15 retail)

A moisturizing formula enriched with anti-oxidants, Vitamin E and natural sunscreen.

I love berry coloured lipstick and was excited to see this one. It smells fruity, almost like grapes (I guess that’s appropriate with the colour of the lipstick). I haven’t tried it expect for when I applied it to swatch it for this post so I cannot speak to its longevity but I can speak to what I experienced when I applied it. It felt good on the lips, like they say, it is moisturizing, my lips felt great. However, when I applied it, it was hard to apply because it was very patchy. I had to do multiple passes to get the pay off in the picture below. For a lower price at the drugstore, I can find another lipstick with a similar colour that I can apply with less hassle. First impression, not super good.

here is the patchy-ness
full colour, beautiful but not worth the effort for the price

Doucce Cheek Blush #53 ($28 retail)

Ultra smooth blush with a sheer color payoff which gives off a soft and fine composition that gives off a subtle glow in tandem with a pure color vibe. Ultra-silky powder feels natural and completely comfortable. Instantly lifts and softens the face.

When I opened this blush, I was impressed! I love the soft pink colour, it is perfect!! Not only is it pretty but when I swatched it, it was sooooo soft and buttery and blended nicely on my hand. Then, I looked in the box and guess what, I have never seen this before, but they give a replacement pan!! INCLUDED. It’s 2 blushes for the price of one. LOVE IT. That is super impressive!

The only thing I would say is that the brush it came with was loosing tons of hairs. But I never use those anyways so that doesn’t bother me.

I came back to add to this post because I tried the blush… and holy kick-up-powder Batman! I have never seen a blush kick up so much powder! However, it applied nicely and it is just as described; a subtle glow. I actually really like it! I am wearing it with a the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Nectar over it as a highlight. It’s beautiful.

Blush swatch and lipstick swatch

All in all, my box value was $101.15 US retail, $129.01 CAD. For having paid $52 US, $66.32 CAD I am happy for the value in my box, almost double.

Super impressed and loved the box this month!


5 thoughts on “Wantable Makeup Box – July 2015 Unboxing

  1. I got a Wantable box a few months ago but I returned it. I was expecting some well known luxury products as reviews kind of touted then for that and I got stuff I didn’t like and there was no true luxury products. I’m going to look at your June box too. I’m happy it’s working for you! I’m subscription boxless at the moment. 😢


  2. Wow! This was a great box! I use to subscribe to Wantable, but I didn’t like my first box! I may have to subscribe again! Thank you so much for sharing your box. That eyeshadow trio looks amazing!


    1. I am so glad this post was helpful for you! this is why we do it 🙂
      I skipped 5 boxes myself since the last couple ones I had gotten were just OK. But June’s and July’s were amazing. What is great is that everything is full size and they are on the higher quality side products.
      If you choose to resubscribe, I hope your box is a good one! I suggest you really play with the quiz and change your preferences, make them tighter, this way you increase your changes of getting products you love and WILL use.

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