Skin Care Round Up


This might feel like a bit of a random post. I have a few skincare items that I have some comments on but not enough to say to write a full post. This is mainly because I didn’t like them and since I didn’t like them I didn’t use them enough to write a full, informative and objective post. I figured I’d list them out and add my 2 cents just in case it’s of value to anyone.

IMG_0539 (1)The Jergens Natural Glow “Daily Moisturizer” doesn’t really bronze your legs until after a few times of using it. If you’re looking for a quick tan – go else where. This is intended to be a gradual build to a tan. Unfortuantely I didn’t get the memo when I bought this so I went out with pasty white legs 😦


Sukin Sensitive Facial Moisturizer was a great buy for $9.99 at Rexall! I also found it at Kardish for $9.49. It’s a light non-irritating moisturizer that’s great to use in conjunction with something else like essential oils or under a tinted moisturizer. I’ll keep using it but I can’t use it on it’s own because it isn’t rich enough for my skin.

IMG_0748Andalou has amazing skincare products however I found that their masks do nothing. NOTHING at all!! And they aren’t cheap either.


The Body Shop Aloe Eye Defence eye cream is basically a soft lotion. It’s actually similar in consistency to the Sukin moisturizer above. I wanted an eyecream that gets absorbed quickly in the morning which this delivers on however it also makes my eyes feel dry and tight.


I received the Annabelle Eye Makeup Remover pads as a free sample from Shoppers when I was picking up some other items. They definitely work! They remove my Kat Von D black liner which is really hard to get off! Problem is the makeup remover is oil based and so it leaves your eyes a huge mess after. The oil doesn’t absorb in to your skin efficiently so you need to wash your face after. That’s not a huge deal since you’re, in theory, already doing that but I found removing the oil isn’t as easy as removing the cream from Nivea’s eye makeup remover. I use this one for the super heavy duty stuff and usually before I hit the shower because I find it messy.

And that’s that! I didn’t want to write a full post on any of these products because I didn’t have enough to say about them. I hope that the little comments that I did make may be informative to someone. A lot of it was the sort of thing that I thought if I had known then I wouldn’t have purchased or rethought about why I’m purchasing that!



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