The $10 Weekly – Hard Candy Ombre Blush “Glow All the Way”


This gorgeous looking blush was only $6.98 from Walmart! I picked up while on the hunt for interesting blushes from the drugstore. As I’ve mentioned before, I think one thing that separates high-end from drugstore category of makeup is colour selection. I picked this up hoping to get a bold, super glowy, hot pink cheek! Why would I want that? Well why not? It could be fun, right?


In the pan this colour looks like a very hot fuscia that is nice and glowy. The picture doesn’t do it justice. I thought it’d be fun to expand my blush selection and have some bolder statement options for the cheek. Unfortunately, this blush didn’t really live up to my hopes and dreams! Due to the colour in the pan, I was expecting more colour pay off then what I actually got. I find it to be actually rather pale on the skin.

It’s very light. I swatched this by swirling both colours together.
Swatch with swirling my finger in the entire pan, mixing light and dark together.
A swatch of the darker vs the lighter side
A swatch of the darker and the lighter side.
I used the darker side on my cheeks and attempted to highlight with the light side. I don’t see a ton of colour pay off. Just a light glow – which is pretty. I was never able to get a bold colour out of it.
I’m in the natural sunlight and you can hardly see it on my cheeks when I turn my head.

No matter what I did, I couldn’t get the whiter side of the product to show up on my cheeks as a highlight. I found that as a duo product it wasn’t very useful. It was best to just approach it as a blush that has glow in it.

A lot of Hard Candy products are baked and this blush is no exception. It’s my opinion that baked products are normally very dry. I don’t typically like them. I foudn this products texture to be dry and dusty. It also didn’t blow me away in terms of length of wear, although it doesn’t seem terrible.

Overall just not excited about it. I feel let down by the actual colour vs the appearance in the pan. For a cheap drugstore product it has it’s place in some people’s collections but I don’t think I’ll be reaching for this again anytime soon.


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