LA Girl Beauty Brick Eyeshadow Collection in Nudes – A Review

IMG_0666Recently I wrote about the LA Girl Beauty Brick Blush Collection. That day I also picked up the Beauty Brick Eyeshadow Collection in Nude for the same price; $19.99 full price, 20% off, making it about $16. In the US these are about $9 USD which is frustrating but $16 is still cheap for a makeup palette in Canada. Especially since L’Oreal just came out with 2 similar looking palettes that are $29.99 each and are receiving mixed reviews! Ouch!  It seems like the drugstore brands are cranking out palettes these days and so one has to ask, is the LA Girl Beauty Brick Eyeshadow Collection worth it?

A size comparison.
A size comparison.

The packaging is cardboard and a touch flimsy. The internal plastic feels cheap and I don’t care for the colour nor the texture of it. There is a brush and the other end is a sponge… but they feel kind of useless. I didn’t bother trying them. The flaws are forgivable since it’s cheap and the packaging is still good enough to actually protect the product inside. There is a magnetic closure that actually keeps it closed. Just like the Beauty Brick Blush Collection, I’d feel confident travelling with this palette so given the price point the failures of the packaging are acceptable to me. If I paid much more than I did I’d start to want more from it.

The included brush.

The Nudes eyeshadow palette is rose gold themed. Similar to Naked 3, Unzipped, Pur Minerals Secret Crush but FAR CHEAPER! I did a review on the Pur Minerals Secret Crush Palette which included tons of swatches and I compared it the Unzipped Palette. You can read it here. I think it’s important to keep the other options in mind when deciding if you care to go hunt this palette down. Unfortunately I haven’t picked up the Naked 3.

The colour scheme is similar to the Naked 3.
Swatches next to their corresponding shades. I think that the third from the bottom and the fifth from the bottom look similar when swatched and on the eye.
A close up of the swatches in natural light.

The shadows all feel buttery, smooth and have no fallout. They blend well and show up nicely on the lid. As far as the shade selection and pigmentation go, I have a few complaints. I find that there are 2 shades in this palette that are very similar when I swatch them and when I work with them on the lid (see swatch photos above). They’re not exactly the same colour but they look close enough that I’d prefer it if one of them was actually a different colour all together. If I could choose it’d be a shimmery highlight similar to Kitten from Stila. The matte highlight in here is great but you need something light and shimmery for the inner corners of the eye that isn’t too pink. In the end I just used Kitten from Stila to fulfil that need and was able to make great looks. But I thought it was worth mentioning that I had to go else where for an inner corner of the eye highlight. Once I got my look together I found that I had great longevity with a primer. They honestly perform better than I’d have hoped. The mattes are pretty good and workable. In my opinion there was not a single dud in this palette. By dud I mean completely unusable shadow. By contrast my Maybelline Nudes palette had a few duds so I ended up giving that to my Mom.

I’m also using the blush palette.
I really love the look that I was able to make with it.


Overall: For the price range, the quality, usability and performance of the palette are really worth it! If this were a $64 UD palette I’d hope for more but at $16, it’s totally in line with what I’d expect and can make a nice alternative to the more expensive rose gold palettes for someone who for whatever reason doesn’t want to go for the splurge. I think that this $16 palette from LA Girl could get you similar end results as the Urban Decay Naked 3, Lorac Unzipped or the Pur Minerals Secret Crush palette for a lot less money (it should be noted that they all have different accent colours). Of course, you will notice the difference in the quality of the packaging and some of the shades but the quality is reflected by the price and nothing in the palette is unusable. It pains me to say this but I have to be honest… I think you could create a more diverse range of looks with this palette than the Secret Crush palette and it’s half the price! So that’s also something to think about.






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