Yay or Nay Sunday – Essence Mini Lipgloss Set

This week on Yay or Nay Sunday, Essence Mini Lipgloss Set. This set is the Glamorous Tonight set with the theme of San Francisco. It features a clear gloss, a pink one and a peachy-pink one with glitter. They are all lovely. They do have other sets with themes of New York, Paris, etc. I got it on clearance for $1.75, can’t go wrong with this set!

This set is super cute and would make a great gift and is a cute little addition to your kit. I like these because you could just grab one and stick it in a pocket or wallet easy to go. The glosses feel smooth and comfortable keep lips moisturized for about 2 hours. They also have a slight sweet kinda fruity smell that doesn’t linger on for a long time but is also pleasant.  The lipglosses are tiny so they won’t last you a very long time. However, when was the last time you finished a gloss? With that in mind, and with the price, the sizes of these glosses don’t matter so much to me. For $4.49, the lovely texture and pigmentation of these glosses give so many others a run for their money.

pink-peach with glitter

There is a also a nice little doe foot applicator. For the cheap price that these sell for, the doe foot doesn’t feel like it compared to other inexpensive brands I have tried. Some are hard plastic and it can be rough on the lips but I didn’t find this with this doe foot.

– Nat

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