Yummy Mummy Review: Philosophy Mixed Berry Tart Kit

An issue with being a mom is 1) finding the time to bathe and 2) Not seeing hygiene as yet ANOTHER chore to cross off your to-do list!

I remember a time, pre-baby, where I would luxuriate in the tub or shower with a great book, a mug of tea, and lots of lovingly made homemade potions for my hair, face, and body. Now I feel quite proud when I take the time to wash my hair (it’s a big deal).

At any rate I realized that since I was starting to find bathing superfluous I needed to find a way to treat myself so it seemed less like a chore. I started researching aromatheraphy during night feedings (I do NOT know how breast feeding moms kept their sanity before the internet and modern phones!) and found out some neat things. First of all I found out what “aromatherapy” means. It “is the use of an aromatic substance to evoke physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and/or spiritual change.” And it has a whole host of benefits such as:

  • Reduce stress and the physical, emotional, mental, and energetic impacts of stress
  • Uplift the spiritsAromatherapy, Subtle Aromatherapy
  • Improve concentration and mental clarity
  • Achieve and maintain balance
  • Improve sleep
  • Relieve muscle and joint aches, stiffness, and tension
  • Support respiratory functioning
  • Deodorize and refresh
  • Promote and support healthy skin and address common skin conditions such as dryness, oiliness, acne, wrinkles, and others
  • Reduce occasional nausea
  • Support other healing modalities (conventional and complementary)
  • Support meditation and others forms of spiritual development
  • Pamper oneself


So if smelling something can do all this I was ready to give it a whirl and invest in some ready-made, high quality bath products.

It was with this mind set that I decided to try the Philosophy Mixed Berry Tart Kit. I like the brand’s promotional material :”Philosophy inspires you to live a better life by being better to yourself. Through effective skincare formulas, fresh scents, gorgeous colors, and inspirational packaging, the brand brings beauty to the body and the mind.”  and I thought the kit would be a good way to try out a form of aromatherapy, try out the brand, and allow myself to feel a bit decadent. This kit had everything I needed to make basic hygiene enjoyable: bubble bath/shower gel, matching body cream, and a lip gloss.

Philosophy Mixed Berry Tart Kit
Philosophy Mixed Berry Tart Kit

So how did this measure up for a busy mom? Pretty good actually. Once I got my baby down for her ‘bedtime’ I actually got excited about taking a bath. The stuff in the kit smells amazing, just like a mixed berry smoothie with an undertone of rich vanilla. The gel scents the water beautifully but doesn’t offer up much in the way of bubbles. It does, however, lather into a nice rich foam with a pouf. The cream melts into you skin and leaves you smelling sweet and clean for 12 hours. It’s a very pretty and feminine smelling kit and I think it’s cute that they publish a recipe for an actual mixed berry tart on the bottle. The only downside to this kit is the lip gloss. It’s TERRIBLE. it’s sticky, gloopy, mess and smells sickeningly sweet (like a strawberry starburst, covered in melted cotton candy, and then stuffed in a marshmallow … actually that’s a pretty accurate description of how it felt on my lips too!). The colour is cute but is too glittery/glossy. But aside from the lip gloss, I was pleased by the two other products this kit offered and I like to think they offered me some aromatherapy benefits too!

This kit has convinced me that I should try out all of Philosophy’s gel and matching body creams but to always avoid their lip glosses. With this delicious smelling brand at my side I will continue to bathe daily! Hooray!


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