Nat’s June 2015 Favourites

I find it hard to believe that June is coming to an end, where did it go??? I’ve been loving quite a few things this month, I hope you enjoy these like I do!!

Bath and Body Work 3-Wick Candle in Coastal Sun

A new scent from the summer collection, this one is a winner. A bit of a lemon-sweet smell (I suck at describing scents if you haven’t noticed lol) this one I could plunge my nose in and just smell it all day. I found it when I went tot he semi-annual sale and then I had to go back and get 3 more so I can be stocked up. Yup. Crazy lady over here. I have learned that once you find a smell you love, you stock up!

Ciaté Nailpolish in Sugar Plum

Pastels are in and normally I am not a huge fan of light colours on my nails, well that is until I put this one on. WINNER. Not only did it look gorgeous, was awesome for work, but it lasted a long time, almost a full week with no chipping.

Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 05 Infinite Rose

I have been afraid to try liquid lipsticks because I hate the feeling of dry lips. But I heard good things about the Sephora one and it wasn’t as expensive as others ($16) so I went for it. I also am not a huge fan of pink lip products, but for some reason, this month, I have been craving the pink. Go figure. This cream lip stain has a great finish, is not too drying and lasts a long time. It is great for me because when I am in meetings at work, I can’t always go and fix my lipstick. I drink coffee or water and regular lipstick leaves and stains the cups but this will stay! Great lips all day. 🙂

Urban Decay Naked Basics 2

This month we have the the first double Fav on 3CanadianBeauties! Sheena and I loved this palette this month. I personally love it for everyday wear at work. At first I was worried that it wouldn’t be versatile enough but I find it either compliments other palettes, easy to create a look with a cream shadow as a base (my fav way to use it), or by itself for nice simple looks. It’s a winner for me.

On my eyes, Naked Basics 2 and on my lips Sephora Cream Lip Stain in Infinite Rose

Bite Beauty Crème Deluxe Limited Edition Lipstick in 06 Mango Daiquiri 

It is no secret that I love Bite Beauty and this month’s coral pink colour just had my heart. I got tons of compliments at work and it started debates if it was pink or coral… lol it was funny.

La Chatelaine Hand Cream in Gardenia

So these hand creams are soft and don’t leave a greasy film on your hands. I did a full review on these here. But I just had to single out this smell, Gardenia. It is perfect for summer and smells like you just walked out of a garden. I literally put this on just to smell it lol.


What were some of your favs this month???


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