4 Beauty Brands That You Might Not Know Were Canadian!

Ottawa, the nation’s capital, in the summer.

Happy Canada Day!! 148 years young today 🙂 In celebration here are 4 beauty companies that you might not know started in Canada!

Bite Beauty High Pigment Crayon ($28)
Bite Beauty High Pigment Crayon ($28)

Everyone’s favourite lip stick company Bite Beauty is based out of Toronto Canada! They continue to innovate on all things lips. mac-cosmetics The first high end makeup brand that I’ve ever used, M.A.C. Cosmetics, was founded in Toronto Canada, in 1991! It was later sold to an American company where it grew to be the benchmark to beauty that it is today! cargo_cosmetics_400x250 I often see this brand receiving mixed reviews… I have yet to try them out but Cargo Cosmetics! They were once based out of (you guessed it!) Toronto! Their aptly named “Northern Lights Palette” was well reviewed all over Youtube. images CoverFX is all over youtube right now with their innovative custom cover drops! Fun fact about them. They’re also Canadian! I’m really happy that this home grown brand is getting some recognition, personally I like what they’re all about! If you take the time to search you can easily find more companies that have started out of Canada and grown to influence the beauty world! Companies such as Pur Anada and Sappho create luxurious eco-friendly cosmetics. Of course we can’t forget our more commonly seen brands; Annabelle, Marcelle and Lise Watier! As Canadians we have much to be proud of, including our mark on the beauty world. Happy Canada Day! Celebrate safely 🙂   -The Three Canadian Beauties

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