Sheena’s June 2015 Favourites

This is basically my summers… if I wear makeup it’s very light because I’m outside!

At this time of year my makeup routine is very very basic. With the heat comes sweating and melting makeup! I stick to minimal makeup in the summer. I look to just cover up some flaws, protect my skin from the sun and look a little polished. This months faves are a little on the light side.

Urban Decay Naked Basics 2

A simple eye look with Basics 2. I love the taupes!

I picked this up as my birthday gift to myself 🙂 I love the simple looks I can create and the versatility that it offers. I can pair it with almost anything. Recently I went on a business trip and brought this plus the “new” Wet’n’Wild palette and was able to get all the looks I wanted for the week. Plus it’s small and sturdy – great for travelling!

Joise Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer SPF 47


I first wrote about this here. It didn’t serve me well as a moisturizer but as a sunscreen it saved me from getting burnt on more than 1 occasion! I wore it out to a beer festival where I was outside all day. My entire body was burnt awkwardly except my face! This stuff lasts. I just wish it was more affordable.

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer – Honey


I have dark under eye circles. It’s my flaw that I’m willing to spend some serious money to correct. I struggle to find a decent concealer that hides the darkness and lasts! My eyes water easily, I touch them etc. the NARS Radian Creamy Concealer last all day, covers well and isn’t drying! I don’t even need to set it! The shade Honey is a peachier shade which offsets the blueness of my dark circles perfectly. This could be holy grail territory for me. I’m ok paying $30+ for concealer if it works.

The Girl With All The Gifts


Yup, it’s a book 🙂 If people can add candles and tea to their monthly faves why can’t I add a book? This book was stand out for the month of June and that’s saying a lot because I read a TON! If you like zombies – check it out! If you don’t like to read about zombies – check it out! It’s more about ‘what does it mean to be human?’ It’s worth reading.

Well that’s me for this month! Sorry it’s so short on beauty but it’s that time of year for me where I naturally wear a lot less makeup because I’m always outside or something.



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