My Makeup Geek Love Fest – Collection and Swatches!

If someone were to tell me ok Nat, you are only allowed to own eyeshadows from one brand and you must get rid of everything else, I would pick hands down Makeup Geek shadows. Why you ask? *points down at the pictures* Yah, that’s why. lol. No really, these are amazeballs. From the price to the quality, there is no company that has the hand up on Makeup Geek. Marlena, if you happen to read this (in my dreams), you did an amazing job and continue to do so! Canada (and this blogger) loves you and your products!


see my review here

These are amazing. There are 20 in the collection total and each go for $9.99US . Take one of the light colours, throw it on the lid and something in the crease to add depth, and bam, instant look. These are just gorgeous, the colours are extremely pigmented, they add tons of colour and give a bright and polished look to your lids. . My favourites are In The Spotlight and Starry Eyed. I am missing two in the collection, but I am sure I will get them at some point 🙂

Row 1: Original Foiled Eyeshadows

Left to Right: Magic Act, In The Spotlight, Grandstand, Flame Thrower, Jester, Houdini, Caitlyn Rose and Mesmerized.

Row 2: New Shades of the Foiled Shadows

Left to Right: Masquerade, Daydreamer, Highwire, Charmed, Fantasy, Pegasus, Fortune Teller, Untamed, Starry Eyed and Whimsical.


These are just great. Formulated to rival MAC eyeshadows and at the low price of $5.99US, these are beautiful. They are great quality, blend beautifully and the range of colours are great to create any look or pair with at the foiled shadows above. Some of my favourites are Shimma Shimma, Cocoa Bear, Cupcake and Bitten.


Row 1

Left to Right: Ice Queen, Shimma Shimma, Beaches & Cream, Peach Smoothie, Cinderella, Prom Night and Drama Queen.

Row 2

Left to Right: Glamorous, Vanilla Bean, Creme Brulée, Purely Naked, Cupcake, Moondust and Unexpected.
Left to Right: Mocha, Cocoa Bear, Frappé, Cosmopolitan, Mango Tango, Rockstar and Twilight.
Left to Right: Gold Digger, Homecoming, Preppy and Bitten.


Left to Right: Shimmermint, Poison Ivy, Dirty Martini, Envy, Mermaid, Nautica and Corrupt.


Mirage and Roulette in this palette are to die for! Roulette and Desert Sands are now available as singles. Bada Bing was always available. All in all this palette is just gorgeous. Get Roulette, you will thank me 😀

Left to Right: Casino, Sin City, Roulette, Mirage, Desert Sands and Bada Bing.




Left to Right: Bliss, Smitten, Spell Bound, Infatuation

Blended out

Left to Right: Bliss, Smitten, Spell Bound, Infatuation

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