The $10 Weekly – Flower Cosmetics Cream Blush


Lately I’ve been trying to explore newer types of products for me. I use a lot of traditional powder blushes but I rarely use a cream blush. Flower Cosmetics has a nice selection of cream blushes for $8.98 each. I chose the colour Peach Blossom because in the pan it looked to be a vibrant, peachy-orange colour. I find the drugstore category of makeup to be lacking in adventurous blushes (yes there are some but a lot of lines don’t deviate from rose/pink shades) and so I was really excited to try this one out. I’ve been fiddling with this product for about a month now and have mixed feelings.

First of all, just like I mentioned above, I really love that the shade is somewhat of a bold/unique colour for drudgstore prices. Like I said, one of the bigger differences I find between drugstore and high-end products from Sephora is the colour selection. This is the only shade in the line that stood out to me as something a little special. The rest of the line is pretty standard stuff.

A closer look in the pan. I don’t think my photo does it justice. What I see in person is more peachy-orange than pink.
The top one is just a straight swatch. Beneath it is a blended swatch.

As per usual with Flower Cosmetics products I have to acknowledge the packaging. It comes in white packaging with rose gold trim and a clear plastic lid. The packaging feels substantial and to me, looks pretty. The only criticism I have for the packaging is that the actual pan for the blush is small. If you choose to dip a brush in their directly it will have to be a small stipple brush.



As for the performance. The cream blush seems to last all day with my usual routines. I prefer to use a cream blush with a BB Cream or liquid foundation rather than a powder foundation. That might just be my personal preference but I think product such as cream blushes blend better with cream foundations. The blush itself goes on quite sheer at first but it does build up and layer nicely. I found that it took at least 2 layers to get the blush to show the uniqueness of its colour. It was tricky because I found if you put too much on at once it would show and you really have to blend it out so that you don’t have the appearance of the cream blush texture on your skin so blend blend blend with this product and be prepared to put on at least 2 applications of it!

A subtle and fresh look. I was hoping for something that stood out more but it’s still very pretty.

Over all I found the application to be sort of tedious and the pay off didn’t quite get to where I wanted it to be. I think as a cream blush this product is pretty standard and performs as you’d expect however I was really hoping for a punchier colour. That being said the finished look was pretty and fresh so I do like it. It just wasn’t what I was expecting.


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