LA Girl Beauty Brick Blush Collection in Pinky – A Review


If you follow me on Instagram and/or Twitter you will have seen me post a pic of this guy as well as the Nude palette and the Lip Paints! This is LA Girls Beauty Brick Blush Collection in the shade PINKY. I was out with my Mom and found these guys at a store called Beauty Box. They cost $19.99 but the store had an additional 20% off sale so it was $16 after discount. They retail for $9 in the US so I feel a little disappointed in the price but I have to concede that $16 for a contour palette isn’t bad. So what do you get out of a $16 contour palette?

The Claims: LA Girl describes their Beauty Brick Blush Palettes as “Four gorgeous blush palettes – each collection pairs two blush shades with a coordinated bronzer and highlighter. Instantly contour with complimentary shades and blendable color in both matte and shimmery finishes for multidimensional color. Each luxurious, glossy book includes a mirror inside.” They intend for the user to contour with them.

The Packaging: The Beauty Brick is packaged in a flimsy but forgiveable cardboard package. It’s similar to the Beauty Brick Eyeshadow palettes but prefer the black plastic of this package over the nude plastic of the eyeshadow palettes. That’s just a personal preference. It includes a narrow mirror and magnetic closure that actually holds. Despite the somewhat cheap feel of the packaging I’d still feel comfortable travelling with this so I think it’s a forgiveable offence given the price point.

The shades are all unnamed.

The Product: The Beauty Brick Blush Palette contains 4 cheek products; 1 highlighter, 1 bronzer and 2 blushes.

The darker pink shade is matte, the lighter pink shade has sparkle. The bronzer is matte and the highlight is shimmery without sparkles.

The blush – There is a matte bright pink and a sparkly light pink blush included in this palette. The blushes are great for light skin. I love how fresh they look. They are such easy to wear shades! They go on well, blend nicely and last all day without a setting spray. I really felt that they made the palette it worth it. I’d even go look for more blush options from LA Girl because I enjoyed these ones so much.

The bronzer – The shade of the bronzer is not too bad for my skin tone but it is a touch orange. It has a matte finish. To me I think it makes more sense to use it to warm up the skin and add back a tan to my face rather than a contour. I don’t think the colour suits adding shadow but does work for adding warmth back to the face. In fact, for that reason I don’t use bronzers to contour.

The highlight – It’s reasonably finely milled and not glittery. I prefer a highlight without glitter because I find that glitter tends to slip. It stayed put all day but I have to mention that it’s not very intense. If you love a super glowy look this might be too subtle for you. I actually prefer my highlights to be subtle so this worked great for my personal tastes.

Over All:

My lovely face using all of the products including BOTH blushes! Ya I’m crazy like that 🙂

For my tastes, it all works. Some might prefer a more intense highlight or a bronzer they can contour with but I think I can use all the products in this palette. I’d be comfortable travelling with this palette since I feel the packaging is good enough to protect it but yet the palette is cheap enough that if something happened to it I wouldn’t be upset. The quality is reliable and the colours work for me. I’ve used this palette with various types of foundations and found that so long as my foundation held up, so would the products in this palette. The blush is particularly nice. I’ve easily got a full day of wear out of the various products in this palette without setting spray but I have to acknowledge that the weather has been very mild and comfortable so no profuse sweating or layers of sunscreen has occurred. I would love it if they came out with a palette of blushes because I find that bronzers will make or break a good palette and they don’t need to be in them. You can buy the specific shade that you need individually. Whereas blushes are a little more flexible for different skin tones.

If you’re specifically looking for an affordable contour palette, I’m not sure this is for you. It’s not the kind of contour palette with banana shades etc. It’s really a typical blush, bronzer, highlight palette. If you want to use it as a bronzer like me then you’d find this to be of great value.

In my opinion, great buy! Especially for the $16 price tag. No complaints here 🙂


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