The $10 Weekly – How far does $10 go at Sally Beauty?

This is all the money I have until I get paid in a few days. Naturally the best course of action is to blow it on makeup.
This is all the money I have until I get paid in a few days. Naturally the best course of action is to blow it on makeup.

I was bored and kind of bummed out. To cheer myself up I decided to spend some money!!! Problem was I had no money. All that I was able to scrounge up was about $12 (Side note: this scenario is the exact theory behind ‘The $10 Weekly’. I’m almost always able to pinch together $10 if I need/want something but much more than that requires budgeting). A very long time ago Missy wrote about Sally Beauty. She quite likes it for hair products and has been telling me that I might like it too. I decided that today was the day that I’d finally go and see how far my money goes at Sally Beauty!

The answer is… I was impressed! I pretty much only looked at makeup but noted that they had tons of nail polish and hair products. I don’t think that I saw a makeup item that was more than $10. The average price of the makeup there is about $7 a unit. Their flagship brand is “Sally Girl.” It’s VERY cheap. Before I went I read up on Sally Beauty a little and found that it’s generally agreed that Sally Girl and Femme Couture are cruelty free. This made me quite happy and so I decided to give them a try! A lot of the items from Sally Girl are tiny. Almost too tiny. The trade off is that nothing from that line is more than $2 or $3. It has a bit of a tween feel too it but that’s never stopped me before! Here’s what I got:

The grand total was $10.45! Not too shabby!

The Sally Girl brand only had eyeshadows, mascara, lip gloss and nail polish. Everything was physically tiny so I wasn’t interested in anything but the shadows. The other brand Femme Couture was a full line and had some interesting products that I’m going to go back and try out but I had went specifically looking to try Sally Girl. The eyeshadow singles are sort of like the Revlon ones and click together. The idea being that it’s a cheap way to build your own palette. It’s flimsy but will hold well enough to stay together in my makeup basket.

Clippy! Clippy!

The colour selection for the Sally Beauty singles leaves you wanting more. If you read this and already have a big makeup collection you might not find anything new with this line. There are similarities to the line with Wet’n’Wild. In fact I think that’s who I’d compare Sally Beauty too. The texture is nice (for the price), it swatches well but there’s some kickup. Each individual shadow is $1.39 so I think that’s acceptable for that price point. For context, Wet’n’Wild’s singles are $1.99 but do frequently go on sale for $0.99. Anyway…. I digress. Here’s some swatches and close ups of the colours I chose:

The whole team! From top to bottom the colour names are: Beige, Champagne, Bronze, Espresso, Grapefruit, Rose Quartz and Eggplant.
The swatches. The pigment is good but not great (you might need to build some of it up). The texture is nice and creamy but there was a little kickup or fallout when I swatched them.

You might notice that I didn’t really get any daring colours! That’s because Sally Girl doesn’t seem to deviate much from the neutrals or, oddly, blue shades. I actually bought the only purple shade! I thought the purple shade (Eggplant) showed potential in the pan because it looked like it reflected different colours. It sort of does but is disappointingly sheer. I had to take a second pass to achieve the swatch shown (something I avoid doing on the blog). That being said, it is still pretty!

A bit of a close up of the only purple shade “Eggplant” as well as the inappropriately named “Rose Quartz.” Have they ever seen a rose quartz?? That’s a wine colour in my opinion, not a rose quartz. Anyway…

I was also very interested in trying out the shade “Beige.” In the pan it looks like a more yellow toned matte highlight. Something similar to some of the Urban Decay matte highlights! I took it out and made some comparisons to “Foxy” from my Naked 2 palette and also the shade “Brulee” from Wet’n’Wild. I actually swatched them all side by side but sadly, the pics didn’t turn out! The shades are all basically the same colour as my skin 😦 I do have some poor quality photos of them all in the pan to hopefully help you visualize what I’m getting at!

A close up of "Beige" in the pan.
A close up of “Beige” in the pan.
Wet’n’Wild “Brulee”vs Sally Beauty “Beige.” Sally Beauty is more yellow and Wet’n’Wild is more peachy.


Urban Decay “Foxy” vs Sally Beauty “Beige.” They are both on the yellow side.

Lastly here’s a few close ups of the rest of the shades.

Champagne & Bronze
Espresso & Grapefruit

I find the names to be really off. Espresso to me should look darker with a name such as that! Grapefruit in person is a delicate pink with gold flecks in it. Bronze looks gold to me. The names are just a little inaccurate. That doesn’t really impact the quality of course, just an observation.

At this point, I’ve already made a few basic looks with these shadows and can speak a little bit to their quality. I find them similar to the new Wet’n’Wild palettes. These guys here. The texture is nice. They blend well. With a primer they last all day – but not as nicely as my higher end shadows. The shade Grapefruit has a little bit of gold sparkles in it and reminds me of the sparkly shades in the Wet’n’Wild palettes. It kicks up a bit and has some fallout. The darker shades by Sally Girl aren’t as pigmented as the darker shades in Wet’n’Wild’s lines. When I consider all the pros and cons of this line I’m not let down by the quality considering the price! I think my favourite shade is Espresso. It makes a nice single shadow look. Not too dark, not too light 🙂

When I set out to write this post, it was about how much stuff I could get at Sally Beauty for $10. The answer, is a lot! Their flagship brand ‘Sally Girl’ has an average price per unit of about $1.30 which means you can get a couple eye shadow singles and a lip gloss for less than $10 EASILY! But would you want to? Well, like I said before most items that the Sally Girl line offers are tiny and sort of tween oriented. I’m not overly interested in them no matter how cheap! And as for the shadows, they share a lot of characteristics with the newer Wet’n’Wild shadows but unlike Wet’n’Wild their colour selection is rather boring. They also have limited amount of mattes. Most of their shades were shiny and some contained glitter. If what you’re looking for is really cheap basics & neutrals that get the job done then Sally Girl at Sally Beauty might be good for you. As for myself, I think I will keep an eye on what they are offering since it’s just so cheap! I can’t resist the lure of finding a hidden gem 🙂 Just for fun I might try out their other brands too.

Who else shops at Sally Beauty? If anyone knows a must have shade or product please, do tell!


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