Yay or Nay Sunday – Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner

A simple one this week on Yay or Nay Sunday, Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner. This is a straight up Yay.

We all know how important it clean your brushes on a regular basis right? Without that, bacteria can set in and also you can get muddy looks when using dirty brushes. But then you are looking for a great makeup brush cleaner. I have tried a couple (Quo, Beauty Blender, and Sheena just reviewed the e.l.f. one) and I have never really been happy. Although I liked the beauty blender one (it cleaned liked a mother!), doing a deep clean and letting the brushes dry takes a long time. I would set up on a Sunday in front of some TV shows and clean brushes, 1h later? Maybe more. Meh. Who has time for that? I have a full time job that is nothing beauty related and I would rather be doing something else, like seeing my husband a bit (duh!) than cleaning brushes. So when I saw that this cleaner is no-rise quick dry, I was all over it.

I will not lie, this is expensive; $9 for 2 oz, $27 for 8 oz and $40 for 32 oz which you can get off of Sephora. To try it out, I ordered the small $9 bottle and I am happy I did. Why? because it has a push spray and its small size makes is very easy to spot clean. I’ll get into that more later. I will probably get the big bottle during the 20% Sephora sale in November.

How to use this cleaner

Step one: Gather the material

All you need is a small bowl (like a small ramekin), the cleaner (duh lol), paper towels and your brushes! Super simple.

Step 2 Dip or Pour:

Pour some of the cleaner in your little ramekin and dip your brush into it. In the picture below, I just dipped into the container cause it is almost empty, but I don’t recommend that normally, pour it into a ramekin. To spot clean, I love using the small bottle with the spray, this works best on small eye brushes especially. I find for the bigger brushes, it works better to dip them instead of spraying them.

Step 3 Swirl!:

Then simply put down 2 or 3 layers of paper towel (so the products doesn’t go all the way through to your surface) and just swirl away! Go into circular motions and you will see all the product just leave your brush.




Step 4, Quick Dry:

Just leave your brushes to dry on a separate piece of paper towel. Trust me, it won’t take long. You can use your brushes in no time. For spot cleaning, spray with the small bottle and do the same, swirl on a paper towel. This is handy for when you want to use a brush for a look but don’t want to mix up colours.

The only thing I will say about this cleaner is that it does have a strong chemical vanilla smell. So I would do this with the window open or something. I didn’t find that the smell lingers on the brushes, so that’s good!

Happy Sunday!


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