YSL Couture Variation Palette – Review and Lookbook!

Can we take a moment, a moment to just stare at this palette… … …  ahhh what a beauty.

If you follow us regularly here, you know that I got this palette in an Optimum Points Haul at Murale. This palette doesn’t have a specific name, just YSL Couture Variation 10 Color Eye Palette. This is the colour 1 -NU palette, they come in two colours Nu and Tuxedo (picture below). I do not own any luxury makeup, this is my first piece, and I just want to pet it or frame it. One of the things I love the most is that it’s a luxury product that I will use, because it is good for everyday looks.

The YSL palette has 10 colours and retails for $80 CAD. I got it in store at Murale (there is no YSL on their website) and now I am doubting the price because I am trying to find it and everywhere I look it’s much more expensive than the $80 I thought I got it for… (well, how many point value did I spend on it). I found it on Nordstrom and it says $121.59 CAD. OH! OH! I found it, it is $80 CAD, available at Hudson’s Bay, good to know I am not crazy LOL. It sounds expensive, but for 10 shadows, that makes them $8 each. Yes, they are smaller that a single of other brands but these are YSL and the quality is great. You be the judge.

I put my fingers in the display palette and I knew this was coming home with me. What best time to get these then when you can get it for free!! The brush it comes with is meh, for YSL and for $80, I would expect a better brush but it’s still usable to get into the inner corner and small details but not for the full look.

As far as the colours, there are 3 mattes in this palettes and the rest are shimmery and all beautiful. My favourite is the 3rd colour, it goes on so pigmented without even trying. A small swipe of the brush and bam, colour. I like it in the inner corner and in the center of the lid.

These shadows blend like a dream, you can really see the quality in them. They aren’t patchy and they layer very well on top of each other and don’t become muddy. After wearing them for at least 12 hours, I found no creasing and very little fading. Very very good shadows. Now I think I need to save up and get the Tuxedo one!

So ladies and gents, save up your Optimum points, visit Murale and get you this baby, you will not regret it.

1- Nu, 2- Tuxedo

Look #1

Look #2


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