The $10 Weekly – Hard Candy Fierce Effect Eye Pigment Duos


This little duo is $5.98 at Walmart! I’ve never played with eye pigments before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Hard Candy is a funny one because I don’t hear a lot of youtubers talk about them as much as other brands, yet they are so cheap! I wonder if Hard Candy just doesn’t send free stuff as much as other brands do. Does anyone else find that Hard Candy tends to only get talked about passingly? Is it just me? Possibly. Anyway here we are talking about Hard Candy and right away I’m going to admit that this product surprised me!

I find Hard Candy to be really hit or miss. Every time I buy a product from them I’m rolling the dice! Good thing they’re so cheap! The Fierce Effects Eye duos blew me away. Seriously. I was really surprised by the quality – in a good way! They’re soft and almost feel wet to the touch but they aren’t wet so it’s freaky… The pigmentation is beautiful. I got the pair “Slow & Steady” number 897. The packaging also came with little instructions on how to use them and a look guide. Cute 🙂

The kit 🙂


When I picked them out in the store it was hard to tell exactly what colour I was getting. They don’t have samples and the little colour guide on the display made them look the exact same. I really wanted to try them though so I chanced it and picked a neutral looking pair. I was surprised by the colours when I opened them up. One of the shades is very dark!

As they appear in the pan.


The product it’s self is similar to the L’Oreal Infallible ones. It even has that crazy little top and pretty much the exact same packaging. (So maybe it’s a dupe for a slightly more expensive but not insanely out to lunch priced drugstore brand???)

Familiar packaging.


I found to use the pigment I could choose between using a brush or my fingers. In some case it made sense to use a brush in other looks it did not. The light shade is very metallic and would look amazing with so many other colours. The brown shade is a chocolatey, velvety brown. They are both stunning but I prefer the lighter shade.

Swatched. Look at how metallic looking that light shade is!


I’ve been playing with these off and on for several weeks now. I really enjoy making simple 1 shadow looks. It’s just easy and quick for those days when wearing a lot of makeup is overkill. I used the light shade all over my lid on its own and occasionally with the brown shade in the crease for contrast. I found that you never had to use much of the darker brown shade! Both blend out easily, smoothly and are just a joy to work with.

Relaxing in the sun with the lighter shade all over the lid and as a bit of a liner on the lower lid, mascara and nothing else on the eyes! A simple look for a BBQ.

What really made this product for me was the longevity of wear. I snapped the pic above after about 5 hours of being outside and cleaning my house. I wasn’t even wearing eyeshadow primer because I wanted to see if the pigment could cover any discolouration on my lid without the help of primer and it can! Not only that but without the use of eyeshadow primer I was able to get a full day out of my eyeshadow without any creasing! That’s impressive!

The only downside is that the brown shade is seriously dark and the lighter shade is highly metallic. Neither of them are particularly subtle if I’m going for a run out the door look. I’m going to hit up Walmart again and buy more colours to see if I can find something a little more neutral to use as a part of my 5 minute face routine!



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