La Chatelaine Hand Cream Kit – Why Don’t You Have One Yet??

I went to Costco this weekend and I found this awesome kit; 12 of the La Chatelaine hand cream. Hell’s yaaaassss, who doesn’t like a good hand cream.

la chatelaine1

The sizes of these are 1 fl. oz each and are very decently sized. Since there are so many, you can leave them everywhere! Like me, I have one at work, one next to my computer at home, one in my purse and one in my living room.. Yes, I am cray cray. They come in this great big tin and I will for sure keep as it is cute and will fit tons of stuff in it. The kit cost $29.99 which makes every hand cream $2.50 + the tin. What a great value!!! If I compare them to L’Occitane (because the formula is similar), their 1oz bottles are $12 CAD on Sephora, so this makes this value even better.

Here is the description on the case:

La Chatelaine luxurious hand creams are made with 20% organic shea butter, rich in vitamins, and antioxidants to deeply moisturize and repair dry skin. Organic argan oil is high in vitamin E to keep your hands soft, smooth and rejuvenated. Our non-greasy formula absorbs quickly for immediate hydration and intensive repair.

They are also paraben, BHT, Phthalates free and cruelty free.


I have absolutely fallen in love with these hand creams. The claims are true, they are not greasy and absorb very quick into the skin leaving them feeling soft and hydrated. The first time I used it was after washing dishes, which leaves my hands super dry, and the first thing I MUST do is put hand cream on once I am done dealing with water. It worked like magic! These are amazing, I recommend them for sure. I say, go to Costco now, right now. Stop reading (like the post 1st 😉 ) and go get you one. I will wait here patiently for your reply to this post, you can tell me what you thought :).

Below, I will now address the smells of these pretties.

1- Lemon Verbena: OMG… That’s all I have to say. I didn’t think I would like this smell but, damn, this is my favourite one, hands down. I put it on my hands and I yelled at my husband “OMG I WANT TO EAT MY HAND IT SMELLS SO GOOD!!” lol. yes, yes I did. It’s like they bottled the best lemon candy you can think of that is so sweet but not too strong. La Chatelaine, where can I get more this this one????

2- Gardenia: Literally like you stepped into a flower garden, but not too overwhelming. My 2nd favourite.

3- Pear: A nice soft pear smell, just like a pear.

4- Coconut Milk: simple, it smells like coconut. I am not a huge fan of coconut smell but if you love coconut, you will love this.

la chatelaine2

5- Shea: If like a simple smell, this is your cream. It is not too strong and smells nice and soft.

6- Sweet Almond: First thing, if you are allergic to nuts, do not worry, this is just the name of the smell, it does not have any almond oil in this cream so you are safe. This smells sweet and nice.

7- Rose Acacia: Holy smell Batman! This one smells strong. I was hoping for a nice soft rose smell but it’s a perfumy over the top smell. Not my favourite.

8- Orange Blossom: Soft orange smell

la chatelaine3

9- Lavender: Simple strong lavender smell. If you love lavender, you will LOVE this one.

10- Passion Fruit: Can’t explain the smell better than that!

11- Lychee Bilberry: Sweet! Another Favourite.

12- Citrus: smells like limes, very citrus. Not my favourite but still nice.

la chatelaine4

Hope you enjoyed this post. GO! GET YOU ONE! Do you have it yet??? Comment down below.


8 thoughts on “La Chatelaine Hand Cream Kit – Why Don’t You Have One Yet??

  1. I love these creams too, I have already used one tin, looking for more, our Costco doesn’t carry it anymore please suggest if I can buy it anywhere but else.


    1. They have a symbol that indicates that they expire after 24 months once they’ve been opened. This years version also show an expiry date of 07/28/18. I imagine last years version would then expire in 2017. I hope this helps! – Sheena


  2. I managed to snap a box up about two months ago…. AND our Costco REDUCED the price so I got $10 off!!! I would have purchased another box the next time I shopped there but they were all gone. I love them but the scent of the orange blossom is (IMHO) NOT a soft orange smell. To me it is like a man’s very masculine cologne…funny how we (everyone) smell scents differently….
    The rest are all lovely…I think nicer than L’occitaine ‘s shea hand cream (have you read THEIR ingredients lately? Certainly not as organic as they used to purport….) 🙂


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