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Have you heard of this website called Amazon? They have a Canadian based site as well, amazon.ca. It’s neat-o! Ok, I will dial back the sarcasm a tad… but I’m writing this post assuming that everyone who reads it understands what Amazon is. For the most part I buy books from them. So so many books… over the past 2-3 years Amazon has actively been growing in Canada and offering way more than just books! It’s still not quite like it is in the US but you can buy some half decent makeup from them and that means; free shipping over $25, fast shipping, and Amazon’s very easy customer satisfaction guarantee. I personally love shopping on Amazon and so I was really happy to find makeup readily available and that there were even brands that I have a hard time getting hold of in Canada! Here’s a little round up of the great stuff that I see as a bit of a PSA for those Canadians feeling left in the dust by companies like BH Cosmetics, Sleek etc. Scroll to the bottom of the post to see pics and comparisons of prices! The front end of the post is just my explanation as to why I like shopping at Amazon for makeup 🙂

Pro tip – when buying from Amazon always ensure that you have Amazon as the seller or that you select free shipping as a requirement for the search. That way you don’t get trapped in to thinking this really awesome $3 palette is a great deal until you see the $40 shipping fee! The dodgy behavior of shipping by third party vendors is similar to e-bay so be careful out there!

Another drawback that I’ve experienced when shopping on Amazon is the potentially long shipping time. If your item isn’t one of their core items sometimes they don’t have it in stock and they need to order before they ship to you. That will really slow things down! I’ve also had it where I bought something off of a third party vendor and it was free shipping but from Hong Kong… so it takes like 3 weeks to show up! If you read the details on the shipping and the reseller you should be fine.

Here’s why I like shopping with Amazon: they always ensure that they are the lowest price. If you find a better one just call. They wont even double check, They just drop the price and refund you the difference. If something is broken or not right with your order they usually send you a new product for free and don’t require you to return the damaged one. If you call and complain in general they say sorry and give you a discount code. Their customer service is just fantastic and so I trust them now.

What I enjoy about buying makeup from them is that it’s usually priced as a great add-on to get you to free shipping! I read a ton so I’m always buying books. It’s not uncommon for me to buy a book and add-on something such as a makeup brush to tip to the free shipping. Both things that I want. It arrives in a few days and I’m happy!

On Amazon I’ve bought pretty much all of my brushes! They sell Real Techniques for a great price. At the time when I was buying them my local Walmart really never had them in stock and Rexall wasn’t carrying them all together (they do now). I was really happy to be able to gradually build up my brush collections as I feed my other passion, reading!

Ok so now to the good stuff…. Based on my own shopping I think that Amazon is a great place to purchase certain brands in particular. One of those brands is the ever talked about but sometime elusive The Balm. You can get The Balm at Rexall but I find it can be a little expensive, usually Amazon undercuts them!

Cindy-Lou Manizer $38, Blushes (Cabanboy & Donwboy) $33 each at Rexall





You can also find a modest selection of BH Cosmetics on Amazon. They offer their brushes and quite a few of their palettes. If you aren’t familiar with BH Cosmetics, it’s an American discount brand similar to Coastal Scents or Shany. They offer good quality brushes, blushes and eyeshadow palettes at bargain prices. I have a small trio from BH Cosmetics and I’d say that for the price they’re worth checking out! I also own and love many of their brushes. If you compare Amazon.ca to BH Cosmetics website, Amazon is very similar in price to BH after you do the USD to CDN conversion PLUS Amazon offers free shipping whereas BH Cosmetics has a hefty fee for Canadians plus duty. I think BH charges about $15 to ship to Canada. With those factors Amazon becomes way cheaper!

Picture4 Picture5


I’ve even managed to find a few things threw third party vendors that are totally worth it! Sleek makeup looks very appealing to me but the prices are in USD and the free shipping for Canadians doesn’t start until $65 USD. This means I need to spend about $100 CDN with them or pay for shipping (which isn’t cheap). It’s challenging when I’ve never tried a company before to want to drop that much money on them! Plus the average ticket price per item is about $10 USD so I’d need to do quite the haul to get free shipping! If I knew I loved them, no problem. If I’m looking to just check them out then the price is a bit of a show stopper for me. Enter Amazon! There are some third party vendors that off Sleek products at a fair (but still slightly more expensive price even when factoring in conversion) and they don’t charge shipping at all!

Picture6 Picture8


The list could go on. Amazon is a huge wesbite that offers tons of stuff! It’s my opinion that it’s not really worth it to try to find your typical drugstore brands on Amazon because Walmart and places like that tend to have them on sale all the time! Amazon does carry them though. I think the best reason to buy makeup off Amazon is to save money on some of the more expensive brands such as The Balm or to be able to work around outrageous shipping fees for fun and inexpensive brands such as Sleek and BH Cosmetics. There are so many beauty brands available so don’t forget to check out Amazon but when you do be sure to select “free shipping” as a filter option or else you may get screwed 🙂

I hope this helps!



5 thoughts on “Where To Shop – Amazon.ca

  1. I dont know if you know this or not but order the balm cosmetics from Hautelook. I got the highlighter for 12$ only! and a bunch of other stuff like a 9$ mascara


    1. I have ordered from hautelook on a few occasions, including for the Balm. The problem I have with them is that it had to be a major discount to be worth it. They apply an international surcharge to your total, compound shipping cost (which can get expensive) and then you have to keep I’m mind the US vs cad currency exchange rate. So sometimes it’s not worth it after all those charges. BUT sometimes it is. Sheena and I ordered 2 Stila palettes that were $50 here and $20 on hautelook. With everything included and split shipping between the two of us, they came to 36 each. Still cheaper than here! – Nat


  2. Great post. I love Amazon as well for many products including cosmetics. I agree with your shipping comments. You certainly can get screwed if not paying full attention. I ordered a used book from a seller in the U.S. Shipping was speedy and the copy of the book was also autographed by the rock star in the book. Needless to say, I was stoked.


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