Yay or Nay Sunday – *New Julep Feels Like Velvet Eyeshadow Duos

Before I start this week’s post. I want to apologize, this post was supposed to go up last week and time got the best of me and so did my gardening! So here it is, a week late, I am sorry!


On this week’s Yay or Nay Sunday, Julep’s new Feels Like Velvet Full-Coverage eyeshadow duos. These came out in the May Maven box and I am very very glad they did. If you saw my post earlier this week on Julep’s palettes, you know that I was not a big fan of those. But these duos, are completely different! Let me tell you about these and why I think they should make a larger range of colours!

The Facts

There are 5 duos that Julep released in this new eyeshadow formula that have fun names! They named them after things that go well together; you will see what I mean:

  • Coconuts & Cabanas: Chocolate shimmer & metallic antique gold
  • Moonlight & Starlight: Matte lilac grey & white sand shimmer
  • 5th Ave & Broadway: Matte peach & metallic rose gold
  • Sequins & Showtime: Slate shimmer & pearl
  • Luck & Magic: Metallic boysenberry & taupe with gold shimmer

They come in their standard sleek black packaging with a nice mirror. The packaging doesn’t feel as cheap as a drug store product but also not as high end as NARS packaging but a nice middle that reflects the price range.

Each duo sells for $20 (or $16 if you are a Maven), so $10 a shadow. They are big enough that I think they are worth the price tag but you can always get some deals and wait for some sales to get them.

After Testing These Out

These are good duos. There is really no other way to say that. They aren’t amazing and revolutionary, but they are good. I personally got the 5th Ave & Broadway duo and the Luck & Magic duo and I am glad I picked those. One reason I enjoy those two is that they both have a matte shade a shimmer shade. I like to create a look without having to reach for too many single eyeshadows, yes, I am bad with that. With one of these duos, I can easily create a look for a day and not have to reach for anything else. I can see these great for travelling. They are both great shades that can be worn for day-to-day work and with the Luck & Magic duo, you can easily pack on a few extra layers to make it smoky for an evening look.

Here are the claims for this product:

  • Glides on with full-coverage in one swipe
  • Blends effortlessly with a weightless finish
  • Creates effortless eye looks when worn together—or each on their own

I would say that these claims are truth. The only comment I would add is that with the lighter shade Broadway, I had to put on more than one swipe. But this could be because I am fair toned so those colours will show up less on my skin.

These shadows feel very soft, do not kick up tons of powder like the shadows in Julep’s palettes and blend nicely.

In the look below, I used all four shades because I wanted to see if they would get muddy and how they would blend. You can see that you can distinctively see the pink and gold, and a bit of smoky brown. I like this look. Simple, good for work, and with a bolder lip and liner can get very classy.

For sure these are a Yay and I really hope that they come out with a wider range of colours and if they make another palette, please use this exact formula! Do you hear me Julep?? I like this one!

Broadway and 5th Avenue

Luck and Magic


you can see the Duel chrome of Luck and gold glitter in Magic.
In different lighting. Top to bottom: 5ft Avenue, Broadway, Magic and Luck
Look using all 4 shadows


8 thoughts on “Yay or Nay Sunday – *New Julep Feels Like Velvet Eyeshadow Duos

  1. What a pretty and romantic look you created!!! I got the moonlight and starlight duo but haven’t gotten around to testing it. I’m feeling a lot more motivated now!!!


      1. Sweet glad someone did a post on them. I”ve been asking around everyone’s been really nice and gave me feed back. I’ll make sure to click on it.


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