Julep Long Weekend Eyeshadow Palette

Julep came out with their new palette, the Long Weekend Palette. It is themed for a nice long weekend and things you would want to do, you will see what I mean in the names of the shadows. When the 1st palette the Photogenic Palette came out, Sheena reviewed it. You can see her post here. It is worth checking out since it goes in depth in that palette and even if I compare the swatches below, I won’t review it deeply.

As for me, I purchased this palette during the opening of the Julep Secret Store at a discounted price of $19.99 which is pretty hard to beat for an eyeshadow palette. Especially when this one is competing with palettes such as Urban Decay’s Naked palettes in a similar price range. I will say that I am glad that I got it at that price because I don’t think it is worth the current full price of $54 (or $43.20) but it is still decent for a lower price. This is the palette I would bring with me when travelling because I could do many looks but also, if it got lost or broke, I wouldn’t be super heart broken over it.

The picture above doesn’t actually do the colours justice, they are actually nicer in person and the colours are more accurate in the swatches below.

The packaging for this palette is card board, I would say cheaper than the Kat Von D ones, and is in a nice rose gold (the Photogenic palette was yellow gold). But thank you Julep for putting the names directly on the palette and including this brush. The brush alone made the palette worth the $20.

These colours are neutrals and do feel very very soft. I was excited that this one was lighter than the previous palette and that it was accurately represented on the Julep website since that was an issue with the 1st one.

I have to say that I like this palette more than I did the Photogenic one. Why? Mainly because it doesn’t get muddy like the 1st palette did. The colours go together a lot easier and seamless and better to build a look with. I found the Photogenic Palette limiting. It had some nice colours in it that are unique but they just didn’t mesh well.

From left to right: Friday, Getaway, Sunset, Saturday, Low Tide and Bonfire.
From left to right: Sunday, Brunch, Catnap, Monday and Bask.

Here is the same issue I had with the first palette, the fallout. Below is what the palette looked like after I swatched all the colours. I don’t mind some fallout but this is the worst that I have ever seen. So, if you want this palette, make sure to do your eyes first, brush away the fallout on the cheeks and then do your face.

I am sorry if I sound unenthusiastic (maybe it’s just my mood right now)… but it is a good palette, lots of fallout, but lasts long, didn’t crease and was way less muddy that it’s older sibling. Up to you to decide if this type of mess is worth it.

Comparison of the Long Weekend Palette (above) and the Photogenic Palette (below)


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