Josie Maran Lip & Cheek Tint – A Review


I added this to my cart to tip me over the free shipping threshold when Sephora was having their big sale. I’ve never used a lip & cheek tint/stain type of product before. Lately I’ve been actively trying to use different types of products to sort of broaden my makeup horizons! Cream blushes, blush sticks, different textures of shadows, interesting lippie formats… things that deviate from the more traditional formats of makeup. Mainly because I’ve been quite conservative in my makeup purchases! So how did this adventure pan out for me? Well, I gotta say… badly.

Before I get in to it I feel like I should explain what the heck I was thinking when I bought this product… When I was shopping at the Sephora sale I was thinking about what type of products I need for the summer. I bought a Josie Maran Skin Care Kit to add more SPF to my morning routine, I picked up a NARS tinted moisturizer with SPF to also add sun protection. In the summer I love to wear light makeup because it’s hot and I sweat. I’m also outside all the time. I’m not exaggerating, I go for a walk at least once a day and almost every evening my husband and I sit on our back pergola to BBQ and just talk the evening away. I was interested in a lighter blush option to pair with tinted moisturizers. I thought a duo purpose product would be a great addition to my summer sporty/outdoor routine. I was going for summery, beachy, glowy and what says that more than Josie Maran???

The Claims: From Sephora’s website “Add a pop of dewy, natural color on lips and cheeks with Josie’s travel-friendly Argan Infinity Intensive Creamy Oil. This set features lip and cheek tints for on-the-go moisture and color. Hydrating, nourishing, and Argan Oil-infused, these tinted formulas begin as a cream and melt into an oil for a sheer, natural-looking and non-greasy hue that suits all skin types and skin tones.” Basically I was expecting to add light, dewy colour to my cheeks and lips. I tried to make it work as both a lip and cheek product.

The kit had to premium sample sized (which are quite generous actually) products in the colour Timeless Coral and Everlasting Honey. It was $19. The full sized versions of these products cost $21 for one. The actual colour of Everlasting Honey looks nothing like the packaging at all.

As a Cheek Tint:

Cheek Tint
Do you see any blush? Any colour on my cheeks? I hardly do. This is after I let it absorb in to my skin for about 10 minutes or so.

I couldn’t get the colour to show after I blended in the product. A little would appear on my skin, then I’d blend it out and it would completely sheer out. Once my skin absorbed the oil the small amount of colour left seemed to vanish. The oil felt heavy on my skin and caused some small pimples. It wasn’t dewy in appearance it was greasy. Until my skin finished absorbing the product, it appeared exactly as though I put oil on my cheeks. Once I absorbed the product there was no evidence that it was on my face… other than the odd pimple. I felt that it was useless as a cheek product so I kept trying at it as a lip product instead.

As a Lip Tint:

The colour is faint but present. Once applied I can’t really tell the difference between the two colours. I just dabbed it on with my fingers and spread it out. Unfortunately, the colour lasts about as long as a no frills lip gloss from the dollar store. It breaks away with the natural licking of your lips and time. It’s not a long where product at all. I think that the colour itself only staid present for about 30 minutes or so. The argan oil in it feels really nice on my lips and is extremely hydrating. That was the only perk that I found but I figured it would be a nice product to put on my lips before bed, or when I’m in need of real hydration on my lips.

Where it Really Fails:

I read in the reviews of this product that a lot people were complaining about a gritty texture. It’s true. There is a grit to this product. It’s not in the oil itself, there’s just the presence of little pieces of…. sand? Dirt? What could possibly be in oil? Anyway, that wasn’t really pleasant. You just get the occasional bead of something and think WTF is that? It didn’t ruin the product for me but some people were put off by that and I can see why. Given the nature of the product it should be smooth.

The real fail point for me was that after owning it for about 2 weeks the product separated. I went to put some on my lips before bed and a bunch of the oil came out without the tint. It made a huge mess and required me to really squeeze to get out the rest of the product, mix them back together with my fingers and then apply. I wasted a lot of product in the process.

Everlasting Honey has not separated but Timeless Coral has. You can see how one has a more paste consistency and the other is like oil and something else…
I’ve blended them out so you can see the consistency. Timeless Coral has weird particles in it that you can actually see. I might hang on to Everlasting Honey and keep trying to get some use out of it but Timeless Coral is going to go the garbage 😦


It’s just not worth it. It’s too expensive at full price to fuss with this product. It hardly does anything at all and if you’re looking for something to moisturise your lips you can just get a lip balm or use straight oil. Don’t waste your money here.




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