*New Shades Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadows

It is no secret that I love Makeup Geek, not only the company, the founder, Marlena, and the quality of these shadows. I originally posted about these when the 1st set of colours came out last fall and I had gotten 4 colours. You can see that post here. You can see the dents in them.. they are so loved.

In April, Makeup Geek made my month by coming out with 10 new shades you can see on the bottom on my Z Palette. These shades… OMG these shades. They are perfect for spring, they are wearable for daytime and you can use them to add a pop of colour to the middle of the lid or on the bottom of the lid.

These shadows are almost a pressed cream shadow, and the lighter colours do kick up a bit of chunks because of the formula, but it doesn’t change the quality or the pigmentation. They apply best with the fingers but I also like to use the E.L.F shadow brush and press lightly on the lid.

These retail for $9.99 USD and the shipping is also very reasonable to Canada. It is just up to you to decide if they are worth it (pssst, a little secret, all Makeup Geek shadows ARE worth it) and I highly recommend them.

I love the attention to detail that Makeup Geek gives to their customers. You always get a nice personalized thank you note signed by the person who packed your order. The packaging is also very very cute! I love the rose gold and black 🙂

You can see in the picture below that the shades on my fingers (Fantasy and Charmed) look chunky. I contacted Makeup Geek to make sure that is normal and they said it was because some lighter shades are like that because of the formula and they recommended using a flat stiff brush like a Mac 239 works with them. It didn’t bother me enough not to like these but I just wanted to make sure that they were OK. Not all the shades do this.

Swatches baby!!! 

(click to enlarge pictures)




from top to bottom: Whimsical, Starry Eyed, Untamed, Fortune Teller, Pegasus, Fantasy, Charmed, High Wire, Daydreamer and Masquerade.
Top to Bottom: Whimsical, Starry Eyed, Untamed and Fortune Teller
Pegasus, Fantasy, Charmed and High Wire
Daydreamer and Masquerade

You can see how wonderfully the shades catch the light. Much like the last set of 10 shades to come out, the darkest purple (Masquerade and Caitlyn Rose from the first 10) are the least pigmented, but they are buildable.

Here are the swatches from the originally released colours.

Top to Bottom: Mesmerized, Caitlin Rose, Houdini, Jester, Flame Thrower, Grandstand, In the Spotlight and Magic Act.

My favourite colours of all the 18 shades I own are In the Spotlight, Starry Eyed and Fantasy.

Here is a look I made using the foiled shadow In the Spotlight and other Makeup Geek shadows (Bitten, Shima Shima, Cocoa Bear and Vanilla Bean). I do this look a lot and I get compliments almost every time I wear it.

– Nat

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