The $10 Weekly – Special Edition: $5 Quo Sponge vs $30 Beauty Blender

Beauty Blender is pink and Quo is purple. These are dry.

A Beauty Blender is actually a brand. Sometimes we say Beauty Blender and what we mean is sponge. Beauty Blenders are so popular now the name is no synonymous with the product just like Kleenex is to tissue. Beauty Blenders are $30 and you can mainly find them at Sephora. Shoppers doesn’t carry them. They do have their own in house brand (Quo) that offers a sponge. The Quo sponge is only $5. A lot of people I know and follow blogs/vlogs of swear by the actual Beauty Blender brand and believe that all other duplications, even by beloved brands such as Real Techniques, are inferior. I had been using the Quo version for a while because I wasn’t 100% sure that I needed to use a beauty sponge over a brush and I only recently started using liquid foundations. I’d received an actual Beauty Blender in my Birhcbox a few months ago and decided to give them a really deep comparison. Is the actual Beauty Blender brand worth $25 more?

If you don’t know what a Beauty Blender is or how to use it, go here and then come back to finish reading 🙂 I’m writing this assuming that we all know the deal.

The picture above is an actual Beauty Blender (pink) next to a Quo sponge (purple), dry. I wet them both the exact same amount of time. 20 squeezes each 🙂 They puffed up the same amount. Below is a pic of them wet that looks exactly the same as the pic above! lol! I should have measured but I didn’t think to do it…

Wet. I swear they are actually wet!
Wet. I swear they are actually wet!

I think they expand the exact same proportion. There is a difference in the material of the sponges that you can detect immediately. The Quo brand sponge is much more dense than the Beauty Blender. The Beauty Blender is noticeably lighter weight than the Quo brand. The texture of the sponge allowed them both to distribute my foundation pretty much the same. I used them with foundations and BB Creams. I didn’t think I got more or less coverage with one sponge versus the other. The same can be said about concealer (I used with thick concealers, correctors and light concealers). The distribution of the product felt the same to me. The look on the skin was the same. I didn’t notice any difference in the finished product that is my beautiful face.

However I did find the Beauty Blender brand to be a little easier to work with for 2 reasons. The first being that the lighter density of the Beauty Blender made it more malleable so I was able to scrunch it up and work it in to the shapes that I needed to get in to the awkward places on my face. Like around my nostrils and in the inner corners of my eyes. The Quo sponge can still get in there but it’s just easier to do with the Beauty Blender since you can manipulate it easier.

The second reason is the shape. I find the tear shape of the Beauty Blender lends to using the broad side of the sponge when doing your cheeks and forehead. This allows me more coverage with the sponge and I find myself blending a little less with it. Whereas the Quo sponge you would use the bottom of it (which is designed rather flat) or the tip. There is a weird ‘wasteline’ on the sponge that stops you from ever using that portion of it. I think it’s intended for finger placement but in reality you just end up flipping the sponge back and forth. This isn’t the end of the world. And like I said, the end product looks the same! You just have to work at it a little more with the Quo sponge.

Once you use your sponge, Beauty Blender or Quo, you clean it… eventually 🙂 The next thing I set out to compare was washing. I have owned my Quo sponge a little longer so it’s a bit dirtier and more stained. The very first thing that I noticed when I first washed it was that it tears easily.

Not sure if you can tell but that's a rip.
Not sure if you can tell but that’s a rip.

The Beauty Blender does not tear when I wash it. I find that since it’s so malleable it’s pretty easy to wash. It just had a different problem when I washed it…

Do you see that pink dye?
I’m pretty sure my foundation isn’t hot pink.
I’m squeezing it to rinse out all the soap and foundation which is now pink. The exact same pink as my Beauty Blender.

The instructions on Beauty Blender never cautioned against this. They never said you had to wash it first. I double checked their website and there is nothing that indicates that the dye might run when wet. A quick Google search told me that this happens with the pink one. On forums people are saying that after a few wases it stops running dye. It’s kind of annoying so beware of that! The Quo sponge did not run dye the first time I washed it and it still doesn’t to this day. For the sake of a balanced review, here’s what happens when I squeeze the Quo sponge!

Squeezing it!
More squeezy squeezy!
The water runs clear (or foundation colour) when squeezing it.

Assuming that the pink dye situation resolves itself, I think that the Beauty Blender is the superior product. It’s just made with better material and the shape makes more sense. I think $30 is still a little expensive but if you use liquid foundation daily you might want to go for the splurge! If you don’t regularly use liquid foundation or aren’t sure if a sponge is something that you’d like, go raid your couch cushions for change (is that something that kids these days still do with the internet and the technology?) and try out the Quo version. It’s a really cheap way to try it out, use only for occasions or even as a back up or travel sponge! Just be prepared to replace it a little sooner than the Beauty Blender since it seems to rip so easily.










4 thoughts on “The $10 Weekly – Special Edition: $5 Quo Sponge vs $30 Beauty Blender

  1. I have always wondered about a comparison between these two! I have always used the QUO sponge, and have not tried the Beauty Blender, because, well, I didn’t know if i needed to. I am quite satisfied with the QUO one! 🙂 But I have also heard that BB is far superior to ALL other sponges. I still love my QUO sponge though. And it’s certainly a heck o a lot cheaper. But how are you washing yours?? I’ve had mine just under a year, and I wash it regularly. It has never torn like that, not even remotely.


    1. Maybe I’m just really bad at washing things! Nat says she has 3 beauty blenders and none of hers bleed and somehow I managed to rip my quo one… I guess that’s just life for me. Destroyer of things. Haha! If you like the Quo then I wouldn’t worry about it. The difference is marginal overall.


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