Former “Beauty Flames”


I’m sorry but I’m breaking up with you…

Have you ever enjoyed a beauty product to only grow to strongly dislike it later? Well, like pretty much all of my ex-boyfriends, I’ve a few former “loves” that I now don’t want. I guess beauty products, just like relationships, require you to really get to know them before you run down the aisle with them. Let’s revisit a few former beauty flames!


Julep Orbital Shadows 

2015-01-01 11.40.57

I was so excited for these. It breaks my heart that I can’t get them to work because Lord knows that I have tried! In January I wrote about them and basically concluded that there was potential but I needed lighter shades. The reason why I’m taking it back is simple… after trying the shade Earthshine several times in different ways I just can’t get it to work or stop creasing. Creasing = bad in my books. I quit you when you crease on me.

Almay Get Up and Grow Mascara


I wrote about it in my Monthly Favourites for November 2014. I was pretty excited about it but after using it for a little longer I found that it didn’t really keep well. It started flaking on me and basically lost all its waterproof-ness. This baby has gone straight in to the garbage and I don’t think I will bother repurchasing.

Physicians Formula Nude Wear Foundation & Concealer

All in their pretty packaging! I'm a sucker for the bows :)

Back in February I wrote about these new offerings from Physicians Formula and although I am not taking back any of my initial comments, I am not bothering to retry them in the summer when glow makes more sense. Why? Because I have other products that have the finish I prefer and I can add the appropriate level of glow to them after the fact, if I choose. These guys are just super dewy and that’s not my thing.

That’s my latest status. What about you guys? Have you ever liked a product for a few months and then 180’d on it? I think that happens to the best of us sometimes.


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