The $10 Weekly – Essence Gel Eyeliner + Brush


The Essence Gel eyeliner came recommended to me from a comment made by a reader on a previous post that I made regarding Essence products (thanks for your feedback! I really enjoy getting ideas from people!). I picked it up from my local Shoppers Drugmart for $3.99 and also grabbed the brush for it for $2.49. That’s a great deal! You get gel eyeliner and a brush for less than $10!

I’ve worn the Essence Gel eyeliner off and on for several weeks now. I normally don’t use eyeliner in this format. I’m more of a Kat Von D Tattoo Liner kinda gal if I’m to do black eyeliner. It was fun to experiment with this product from Essence and I think I found a more subtle way to do a black eyeliner! It never smudged, not once. It lasted all day and I was able to create quite a fine line with it.

As mentioned, I don’t normally use gel eyeliner so I can’t compare it to anything. That being said, I was surprised by the consistency of this product. It was thick and a little dry. I had to ensure that no chunks hung on to my brush before I applied it or else tragedy could strike!! (who likes having to try to remove black eyeliner in the morning due to a blooper?) However this product is only $3.99 and once you get it going, it works perfectly well so this drawback was not a showstopper for me.

I found the colour to be more of a charcoal black than a true black. Some people might not like that but I was ok with it. I wanted to use it for a fine line in my lashes to help add a little something something to a subtle day look. Not being blackest black didn’t hinder what I was attempting to do with it. The finish is matte and I never felt the need to go back and set it with eyeshadow.

First line is one pass with the brush, second line is multiple passes in order to build up the black.

The brush turned out way better than I thought. For $2.49 it really got the job done. I compared it to another similar brush I had from Eco Tools. As you can see below, the Essence one is finer which helps with control.





In the end I think I preferred to use it with a smaller brush that is more pencil tip style from Real Techniques. (I don’t have a pic – sorry about that!) I think that the brush that Essence sells definitely fulfilled it’s obligation and I just personally preferred a different style of brush all together.

Over all, for less than $10 combined these 2 products are a great buy. The Essence Gel Eyeliner lasts. I’ve had expensive eyeliner from high end brands run on me but I had no issues with this one! So that was a pleasant surprise. You may have to fight with a little dryness in the product but that’s a workable trade off for such and excellent price. The brush, priced at $2.49, will succeed in getting the job done! In my opinion this is a standout duo from Essence.






5 thoughts on “The $10 Weekly – Essence Gel Eyeliner + Brush

    1. Thank you! I think Essence has some great stuff to offer for such an inexpensive price tag. I’m also a big lover of their blushes. They have a really cute bronzer/highlight product that is nice and smells like coconuts! You should definitely check them out, most of their stuff is worth the price 🙂 – Sheena

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