Lavanilla Perfume Gift Set – A Review


A quick little summary of my thoughts on this Lavanilla gift set. Mainly for those who are curious about this socially responsible yet astronomically priced brand 🙂
What a score! This gift set was $45 over the Holidays and I scooped it up for $24.99. I’m interested in cruelty-free perfume options (not exclusively, but if I could find one that I loved I’d consider it a win). I also am not one to spend $70 on perfume. I have never found one that I loved so much that I was willing to spend that much money on. In fact, I really love my jasmine perfume from The Body Shop and always go back to it. What attracted me to Lavanilla was the social component of organic, free trade vanilla and a cruelty-free perfume. I like subtle vanilla tones so I was curious about how they mixed them. Full price one of these in a regular size bottle is $70 soooooo finding a gift set was a fabulous way to try them out!

Hello good deal!

These are definitely meant for a vanilla lover. When I smell them on me, I pick up the under tones of vanilla. It’s soft and elegant, not cheap and cookie like such as my perfume from high school! If you don’t care for vanilla, just stop reading. They don’t have a “perfumey” scent as well. If that makes sense. It’s just very delicate and gentle aromas.

The set includes 5 mini rollerball perfumes with 5ml of perfume in them. The scents are; Pure Vanilla, Vanilla Grapefruit, Vanilla Coconut, Vanilla Lemon and Jasmine Vanilla.

Surprise surprise – my favourite is Jasmine Vanilla. It’s such a soft scent. I love it.

Here’s the downside (and why I wanted to write this post). The perfume itself doesn’t seem to last all day and full price bottles are $70! I know that Sephora does sell individual roller ball perfumes from them for $23 each. That’s much more reasonable but still expensive for a rollerball style perfume. Especially since I feel that the Lavanilla rollerballs last just as long as Pacifica’s yet Pacifica’s sell for $10 each. Another disappointment was that I couldn’t seem to get the perfume to go on very strong. My husband had to really come up and smell me in order to detect that I had perfume on. Even after I just applied it. I don’t like to walk in to a room and punch people in the face with my perfume but I do enjoy when someone gets a whiff of my delicate aroma and compliments me. No one seemed to notice my perfume at all and I felt like I couldn’t really smell it.

To wrap up this quicky post – what I wanted to put out there for people is that if you’re interested in cruelty-free perfume options and like the scent of vanilla, Lavanilla has luxurious perfumes that might tick your boxes! However buyer beware – it’s a lot of money for a perfume that doesn’t seem to perform as well as others.

I’m happy I tried it but likely won’t buy Lavanilla perfumes again.


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