The $10 Weekly – Hard Candy Shimmer Shadow Primer


I want to buy and try the Too Faced Champagne Eyeshadow Primer. I saw Ingrid Nilson use it and thought it looked really versatile and easy. It’s $24 though and I’m not 100% certain I will like it. Then I found this primer which looks like a potential dupe! The Hard Candy Shimmer Shadow Primer retails for $4.98 at Walmart and is a steal compared to the Too Faced version! The packaging describes it as a “…shimmering champagne eye shadow primer that increases vibrancy and lasting power of your eye shadow.”

The first thing that I noticed is that the consistency of the Hard Candy Primer is rather liquidy. A little seems to go a long way so be careful when using it. It spreads out very easily and seems to blend ok. It needs a minute or two to dry on the lid before you can start using it.



Blended out on my hand.
Blended out on my hand.

I didn’t find that I could wear just the primer. When Ingrid uses the Too Faced version in her videos she often wears it almost like a cream shadow. She claims she sometimes just wears the Too Faced Primer. In her videos that I saw she paired it with a Bobbbi Brown shadow and often just popped a little darker shade in the crease to add some definition. She says that she has oily lids and this lasts all day for her! I didn’t feel that I could do that with the Hard Candy version because it couldn’t cover the mild amount of redness that I have on my eyelids.

When I used it the look was very nice. I paired it with a satin finish eyeshadow single from NYX simply called taupe (one of my all time faves). I know how this shadow very well since I use it several times a week, I know how it should perform and look. When I paired it with the Hardy Candy Shimmer Shadow Primer it changed the appearance of the NYX shadow from satin to a shiny somewhat sparkly finish. I consider this to be a good thing since that is why you buy a primer such as this – to transform your shadows!

Unfortunatley it performed much like the NYX primer I tested a few months ago. At first it looks nice but then later I have sparkles down my face. It didn’t do anything to contribute to keeping my eyeshadow in place. I would go so far as to say since the eyeshadow primer slipped, it caused my shadow to move as well.

Excuse the awful pic… I dont know if you can tell but the primer is making its way down towards the top of my cheek. I dont have highlight there yet it looks glittery there when I look in the mirror.

Looks like it’s back to the drawing board for me! I have not had luck with cheap primers!!! You might think that I’m being fussy. Glitter happens after all. I just want the glitter/shine to stay where I put it. That’s all.


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