Sheena’s April 2015 Favourites


A favourite lip gloss + a cult favourite eye shadow palette

Lately I’ve been buying a lot for my $10 Weekly column and not spending as much on high end makeup. With the exception of my Lise Watier clearance haul! Can you really blame me for that?? Spending less on high end means that I got a chance to really play with some of my palettes. Usually what happens is I get a palette (or 2!) test it, make a few looks, love it and then move on to the next purchase. It’s been great to mess with old favourites this months and as result my monthly favourites is a little of old cult faves mixed in with some new to me items 🙂

Let’s begin with the new to me items!



Stila Stay All Day Vinyl Lip Gloss in Nude Vinyl

I went to shoppers and this lovely Stila rep was there. I happened to have no makeup on, the store was dead sooo 2 gals who loved makeup had a play date! She got me to try on this lip gloss and I was immediately sold. It’s the perfect “my lips but better” shade for me. Sometimes I find nude pink shades too pink. They sort of wash me out. This is a dusty nude pink and it just works for me. I’ve been wearing it to work and find that I only reapply after lunch. That means I’ve had coffee, tea, my second breakfast and lunch before I need to reapply. I’m going to buy more. I really love this. It was worth the hefty price tag.


Lise Watier Blush in Imagine

I mentioned that I was seriously loving this blush in my Lise Watier Clearance Haul post and it’s still true. I haven’t been wearing it as much since I’ve also been testing out some other blush but when I’m not testing things out, this is what I grab. It’s the right shade and depth of a deep rose for me. The quality is amazing. It wears all day, blends nicely.. all the things that you’d hope for in a blush plus it has beautiful presentation! I’m becoming a true Lise Watier fan.

download (1)

Live Clean Shampoo & Conditioner in Volumizing

Remember when I cut my hair and I was all “I changed all my hair care products??” Well I changed my shampoo and conditioner too. Normally I don’t care that much about shampoo and conditioner because I have pretty straight forward hair. It doesn’t require anything special. What I’ve been enjoying about this set of products is that it does as advertised, creates volume (likely by not adding weight to my hair, but still). It’s Canadian. It’s affordable – Walmart carries them for around $5 each. And it smells refreshing 🙂

And moving on to my rediscovered love for these cult classics:


Stila In the Light

I love gold shadow. I think it’s so wearable. Everyone looks good in gold eyeshadow, it transitions from day to night easily and pairs well with so many colours and outfits. This is by far my favourite gold themed palette. I like it more than Lorac Unzipped or the new Pur Minerals one. In fact, when I was testing the new Pur Minerals Secret Crush palette it made me want to play with this one. Yes the Lorac and Secret Crush are Rose Gold themed but I still like this one better. Seriously, its amazing. I have a great day routine with this palette that is super easy and long lasting. I find it easy to look at this palette and create looks (that’s something that I find challenging normally) and I’m just in love with it! My Mom bought it for me for Christmas and I’m so grateful that she did. I’ve been getting loads of use out of it this month and I can’t see myself putting it away anytime soon.


Stila In the Moment 

When I don’t want to be entirely neutral – I grab this baby. I also really enjoy purple. I have green eyes so it works well with me plus purple is just great! I don’t use this one as often as the In the Light but I still reach for it regularly. It has the same quality and usability as the other Stila palette. I love using that copper shade (Whim) with a purple look. In my mind using copper with purple is so unexpected but yet it works!

I suppose that this months favourites could actually be called “I love Stila and oh, by the way I washed my hair.” What can I say? I’m sincerely digging them lately! Their products seem to just work for me. Does anyone else have a “brand” that their shades and products just hit that perfect spot for you?

IMG_0269 (1)
Eye look with In the Moment and my Stila Nude Vinyl Gloss
IMG_0268 (2)
Eye look with In the Moment and my Stila Nude Vinyl Gloss




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