Yay or Nay Sunday – essence Dark Romance Cream Highlighter

So I have to be more disciplined and really put an item asides every week or every month to test out for Yay or Nay Sunday. I love this series and its opportunity to give you honest feedback about what works and what doesn’t. Let’s face it, not every product out there is a hit. I have been a little lazy the last couple weeks and getting up later than usual for work, so it doesn’t allow time to play with new stuff, so I just reach for what I know and already love. But recently, I picked up this essence Dark Romance Cream Highlighter on clearance for $2.49 at Shoppers Drug Mart and decided not to wait and to test this baby out right away.

I do love a good cheap find, and I do love some drug store makeup but I am sad to say that this one was a Nay for me…

First, I found that it doesn’t feel very creamy, more a little dry. This was confirmed when I tried applying it to my face. I tried applying it with my small elf stipple brush, which I use for all my cream highlighters, and oh boy, it did not go smoothly. If you can see in the picture below, it took away all my of makeup and everything looked cakey! I have never had that happen before, oh the horror! So I said, maybe it doesn’t like being applied with a brush, so I tried with my fingers. I removed the makeup, reapplied a fresh face and tried it; well, it did the same thing. I had a really hard time blending it and it dragged and pulled on my face.

I did like the sheen of it, even if it’s like BAM IN YO FACE, you can see the pretty white/pink sheen in the picture. However, that is all I liked about this product…

– Nat

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