Happy Mani-versary Julep!

Julep Maniversary

What a special month! A year ago this month I became a Julep Maven 🙂 There’s been a lot of great moments with them which is why I am still a customer today. In fact, I have tried and unsubscribed from Ipsy, Birchbox, Topbox and Wantable but I just can’t seem to quit Julep. This post is a love-fest for my favourite nail polish brand, Julep! My favourite polishes, beauty products and in general what keeps me as a happy customer. It’s a long post so get yourself a coffee and a comfy chair 🙂

Hey Sheena! What’s a Julep Maven?

Julep Maven is the name of the subscription program from Julep. Each month you get 2 nail polishes and a beauty product. You can choose your box and even go with just 3 polishes or all beauty. It’s very flexible and I have tons of choices each month. I love adding on to my box or upgrading to a super-powered crazy all-in nail polish box. For more info check them out here. FYI – this is not an affiliate link so no pressure! Nat and I both subscribe and we both look forward to our Maven reveal (that’s when they reveal your choices for the month)! You also get access to special sales just for Mavens in the “Secret Store” which is open once a month. It gets me pretty much every time…

My first Julep Maven box! It arrived in early May. I paid $9.99 to get 2 extra polishes but my first box was free. It included what is still today one of my favourite colours.
My first Julep Maven box! It arrived in early May. I paid $9.99 to get 2 extra polishes but my first box was free. It included what are still today some of my favourite colours – Lizanne & Charlotte.

Let’s get right to the point. Nail Polish. Julep started as a nail polish company. They make excellent quality polish that is 5 free & vegan friendly. That means it’s cruelty-free, and does not contain formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, tolune, DBP, camphor and animal ingredients or byproducts. Over the course of the 12 months that I have been a Julep Maven I have enjoyed every box that I have received.

As I reflect back on the year I wanted to note some of my favourite polishes!


Karmen – You may have seen me obsess over this shade in October throughout the Christmas holidays. The red and gold reminds me of the colour of the leaves in Ontario as they turn. Red and gold are also perfect for Christmas. This colour definitely helped me transition from summer to fall/winter!


Lizanne – This came from my first box. It was the first polish by Julep that I tried and it remains a favourite to this day. The creme formula is so good that I can get by with just 1 coat when in a pinch. The green shade is one of those shades that sort of transforms to match with the colours around it. It’s just a big winner in my heart.


Charlotte – Pretty much the same deal as Lizanne with 1 very important difference. This is hands down my most complimented nail polish colour. Store clerks, colleagues, my husband… everyone who sees this on my nails remarks about how nice it is.

Julep doesn’t just make regular polish. They spend time thinking about nail art and playing with your nail polish. As result they make amazing accent colours! Here are a few of my favourites:


Zelda – This gold is AMAZING! It goes on thick so the gold colour stays true over other polishes, even if they’re darker. I  love to use this in a bold french manicure 🙂


Hartleigh – This little beauty was free in our February box. We got our usual box selection plus this adorable glitter top coat! It quickly made it’s way to my heart because it works so well with a variety of colours. Using it with a purple such as Charlotte is my favourite combo with it. My hubby thought my Valentines manicure was really cute because of this top coat!

Another great thing about Julep is that they think about the process of doing your nails. The entire experience of giving yourself a manicure. As result they innovate! I don’t get the impression that many other companies are thinking about the experience of doing your nails beyond the polish itself and longevity of the polish. Julep thinks about the health and appearance of your hands, when and wear you will do your nails and what’s frustrating about nail polish! Here are my favourite nail innovations:

Plie Wand – You might recognize these pictures from an older post. In fact, my very first post! I did a really cute manicure using the plie wand and it was a lot of fun! I don’t use the plie wand every time I do my nails but I do pull it out when I want to try something extra special. I also think it’s really amazing that Julep thought about how to make doing your nails easier.

20140612_200640 20140614_171529


Julep Color Caddy (Nail Polish Case) – They made this specifically for their polish and accessories and it’s perfect. I can put my implements in a zipper up top and the body of it below fits my polish, remover and a few other goodies. I filled out a form to give feedback on updating this case and all I can say is it’s about time! I own 2 and would love an updated version.


Over the course of 2014 and 2015 Julep has been dabbling more and more into beauty products. Some of them I love, some of them aren’t for me. Getting new beauty products in my Maven box does not change the price. It’s a great chance for me to try new beauty products and so even if a product doesn’t work for me I never feel that bad about it.  Here are a few stand outs for me:


Lip Gloss – As you may know, Nat and I are huge fans of the lip gloss from Julep! The entire line is very consistent in quality so really it’s just a matter of getting the colours that you love 🙂


Sweep Eyeshadow Palette Neautrals – This one might surprise some but when I looked back at the year I had to admit that I got a ton of mileage out of this little palette. I loved it when I first got it and used it daily for months. It also was a regular go-to travel palette for business trips. The shadow is good quality, the colours are easy to wear & neutral and the packaging is small. Perfect for a carry on. Just look at the picture to see how loved that palette is.


Julep Eyeshadow Brush – This came with my little palette above. I use it pretty much every day. I’ve ordered more brushes from them. When you’re a Julep Maven you get them at a discount and their brushes tend to be less than $10 each which makes them a great deal in my books! They are amazing quality too. They are so soft 🙂

There’s more to Julep than just nail polish. It’s an experience. They engage their Mavens regularly with product releases, polls for feedback, input requests for new products and charitable events. This company makes me feel like I can contribute a little towards what will arrive in my next Maven box! I really like that. I don’t feel like a lost little ant trying to ask a question from a giant company that sees me as just that – an ant. When I first started with Julep I almost quit because their orders took about a month to arrive. After a few bad experiences Julep sent all of their customers an email acknowledging that they had challenges and were actively correcting it. Since then I have had no issues with shipping at all. My box and orders arrive in a timely manner and I can even track them all the way to my door! I can’t track my Sephora orders! They made a commitment to improve to their subscribers – and kept it!

As I look forward to what I think will be another great year as a Julep Maven I have some things that I am wishing for. I would absolutely love to see them spend some time on their rewards program. Right now they have “Jules” which is a points program. You earn points and spend them on merchandise. Sounds good? I think so but in reality I find that no one seems to get excited about them in their communities. The whole program is a little ambiguous and there seems to be confusion on how exactly you earn them (I noticed this pattern on Facebook). In practise the Jules mean very little to me. What I end up doing is just counting down to my free box which I get after about 6 months. That’s all fine and dandy. No complaints on receiving free boxes! But it would be nice if it was made more exciting like a countdown ticker to my free box! Or if I could earn Jules while spending money (I spend so so so much money with Julep). They have a reward program but it seems to fall a little flat since Julep hardly mentions it and people in the communities seem to not understand it. Another special request that I have for Julep is to be able to keep track of your collection online and to include notifications if you are looking at something that you currently own. I have about 100 Julep nail polishes and I can’t remember them all! It’d make shopping way easier for me! Then I wouldn’t have to pull out my stash and double check that I don’t own something.

All in all I think you can tell that I am a satisfied customer! Julep has had some misses for me but over all I really love most of the stuff that they do! I can’t wait for my next Maven Box and for the Secret Store to open!!








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