Gerard Cosmetics – Lipsticks and Lipglosses

blog-9I first heard of Gerard Cosmetics watching Jaclyn Hill on YouTube. She has also done a colab with them and launched her own lipstick and lipgloss colours (which I purchased, I will point them out below). She also always has a code or there is some kind of sale going on, so I would suggest to grab these beauties on sale. If there is no sale or you can’t find a code (just go look on Jaclyn Hill’s latest YouTube video, should be in the description box) then don’t get them, wait for a sale/code!

The beauty with Gerard Cosmetics, is they DO ship to Canada (yay!) and often have sales/codes/offers for free shipping. Yes. Free shipping. To Canada. Yes!

A lot of companies either don’t ship to Canada at all or if they do, when they offer free shipping it’s only to the US. I have found the exception (like BareMinerals) that when they offer free shipping to the US, they deduct the price of US shipping on the Canadian shipping. So that is something.

I would say that overall, I like these and recommend them. I also really really like the packaging. I like the scare lipgloss and I LOVE the gold.

*P.S. Don’t forget to click on the pictures to make them bigger (except for the lip swatches), press back to bring you back to the post.




These colours are super gorgeous. There isn’t one that I was wondering what the hell was I thinking… Well, maybe the black. Hey you never know when you need a good black! Ok, let’s talk about the black since we are on the topic. Each lipgloss clicks to lock when fully closed. This creates a seal to keep the lipgloss fresh. Well, the black didn’t click closed, so the formula was very very thick and I wasn’t sure if it was because it was no longuer fresh or because it’s a dark black colour. Let me tell you, it made a mess everywhere around the tube, sticky on my fingers and just a black mess. I did email the company to ask if I got a bad one or if that’s just the formula and they are sending me a replacement. When it arrives (could be like 4 weeks… yes the shipping is free but that’s the down site, I’ll live with it!), I will be able to compare and see if it is really that think and pigmented (like in the pictures below) or was it just the bad one I got. I am kinda hoping that it is more sheer so that I could try to use it as a topper on lipsticks.

To talk more about the packaging, it gets better than the gold prettiness. There is also a mirror on the tube! eeeep! yes, a mirror. Oh and did I mention the light? This is a genius idea, they made this lipgloss all-in-one. If you don’t want to carry a mirror in addition to the gloss in your pocket or clutch, don’t worry this gloss got you covered. Oh and if you are in the dark or in the car, got you covered with a light too! The only thing I am worried about is the mirror scratching, especially if you keep it in your purse all the time… But hey, I will enjoy it while I can still see myself in it.

About the gloss in general, the formula is a little hard to apply evenly but once done, bam, beauty. They do smell a little plastic-y but not very strong at all and not enough to taste bad and to leave a smell on my lips that I smell all day. They are great to wear alone, but make fantastic toppers on lip liners or lipsticks. They do have pigment so they can change a look quickly. They last long enough, it is a gloss after all, not a lip stain.

The oh-so convenient mirror, take the applicator out and put the tube sideways to see your lips.
The light! it is on the bottom of the cap, so when you point it towards your lips, it lights them up so you can see when you are applying the lipgloss.



Coral Craze (Looks amazing with the Tequila Sunrise Lipstick – below) It is a bit more peachy in person
Shimmer of Hope
Butter Cream, One of Jaclyn Hill’s colours (looks amazing with Butter Cup lipstick – below)
Pink Tiara – I thought this was going to be too pink for me since I am not a huge pink fan, but I actually really like this one.
Rose Hill – The other Jaclyn Hill colour.. can we talk about how gorgeous this colour is?!??!

And now, the lipsticks!

Yes, a gold bullet. I really like it, very luxurious 🙂 The bullets look like the MAC ones except they are not as high quality. These offer nice pigment, they last decently long and they go on like a dream. They don’t tug at my lips and it makes them feel great the entire time the lipstick is on.  I also recommend these.


ladybug by nathalie buchanan-1

Tequila Sunrise
Berry Smoothie
Buttercup – Jaclyn Hill color
1995 – Jaclyn Hill color – total perfect nude

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any questions about them, let me know!


7 thoughts on “Gerard Cosmetics – Lipsticks and Lipglosses

  1. I love 1995 and berry smoothie!!
    how long did it take to get your package after you ordered it? and was there a tracking number or something?
    I ordered mine two weeks ago and I cant seem to find anything regarding the order status.
    Thanks 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So the first time I ordered it was quick enough. And then they changed their way of shipping to Canada and it took about 3 weeks. They sent me a tracking number after a few days became the one that I automatically got with my order didn’t work for Canada. I suggest if your tracking number doesn’t work, email them. They have good customer service in my experience. 2 weeks makes sense so don’t worry. Hope this helps! – Nat


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