The $10 Weekly – Flower Cosmetics Powder Trip Foundation


Well this is a bit of a lie. It’s more $10-ish! I actually bought it for $10.98. Close enough, right? I wanted to try this foundation as a setting powder. I’m a huge fan of Flower Cosmetics eyeshadow. I really want to try more Flower Cosmetics because they are affordable and cruelty-free. So here we are, testing out the foundation!

The first that I tried to do was see if it could function as a foundation. It does call it’s self a foundation after all! Unfortunately, I think it’s light coverage to barely any. I don’t think it works very well as a stand alone product. It has a silky smooth but slightly dry texture and feels very similar to the Rimmel Stay Matte powder.

A little swirl of my finger and this is the result. It’s a very nice texture.

As a setting powder I found that it worked quite well! In fact, it’s very similar in performance to the Rimmel Stay Matte powder. I tested them both against each other and couldn’t really notice a difference in colour, texture, or how long it stayed in place. So all in all, Flower Cosmetics has come out with a really nice setting powder!

The adorable brush reminds me of the one Benefit has in their powder but slightly softer and thicker. It’s not a bad brush considering it’s a part of a $10 set.

The foundation includes a little brush, which Rimmel’s does not. The brush is actually very useable and so I enjoy tossing the Flower Cosmetics powder in my purse for touch ups through out the day. No extra brush needed! If it had a mirror I would say it would be the perfect purse product. Performs as well as a cult classic, has a good brush AND a mirror!! I mean.. TRIFECTA! Sadly this is not the case. Having a decent brush in the compact might still be a bonus for some. It was for me.

Here’s the downside. If you’re on a budget the Rimmel Stay Matte powder is cheaper by several dollars and frequently can be found on sale for around $6. If price is your sticking point then maybe the Rimmel option is better for you.

However – Rimmel is not cruelty-free! If you choose to go cruelty-free then I think that picking up the Flower Cosmetics powder is a great choice! It’s affordable and quite accessible since you buy them at Walmart.

As for me. I like it. I buy cruelty-free when I can so it’s distinctly possible that I will re-buy this in the future!


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